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Hurricane question. Any meterologists here?(1 post)

Hurricane question. Any meterologists here?Humma Hah
Sep 19, 2003 1:50 PM
As hurricane Isabel fades to the North, I'm sitting here just east of the eye path, in what should have been the worst part of the storm. What a non-event! OK, yeah, there was some storm surge in the Chesapeake, because it had just the right angle up the bay and it coincided with high tide. Lots of trees down because they were already in sad shape and in soggy ground, and the thing was HUGE, so the total rainfall into the Potomac basin will probably cause flooding in a couple of days, but we've had worse damage locally due to thunderstorms recently.

I watched it unfold on radar, and the base reflectivity around the eye was simply pathetic -- there were apparently few thunderstorms and the rainfall was never that intense. Looking at the records of selected airports along the path, the winds at the surface were pretty tame (I've landed a Cessna in a 24 kt crosswind, typically the worst recorded). The ambient pressure never really dropped all that much, 996 millibars at Winchester (KOKV).

I'm told the storm remained very organized at high altitude. I'm wondering if this thing was essentially a "cut-off" hurricane. Had it become the cut-off low pressure system from Hell?

If this thing had been all it had the potential to be, we'd REALLY have had a hard time. As is, I have to believe the dry, cool air that treated us a couple of days before it arrived simply knocked the legs out from under it.