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I just said "Hi-ho!" to a senior managing VP(11 posts)

I just said "Hi-ho!" to a senior managing VP128
Sep 15, 2003 10:32 AM
and immediately realized the Hip Hopebonic implications. And I never say hi ho. Once in awhile I say "Howdy"..... But usually I just say good morning...

Careful out there people.

Note to self: unless Ed McMahon shows up at the door with that check, never say hi ho.....
What's the big dealPaulCL
Sep 15, 2003 10:48 AM
Maybe he/she laughed. Maybe they say Hi-ho all the time. Maybe they think you just watched the "Stuart Little" movies with your kids - since the Little's say "hi-ho" or something like it all the time. Paranoia will destroya.
you don't work for a big corporation, do you?ColnagoFE
Sep 15, 2003 1:55 PM
paranoia is a way of life in most of these places--and usually justified.
Yes, I do work for a big corporationPaulCL
Sep 16, 2003 5:55 AM
I work for the investment division of a top ten bank. Banks are about as anal as you get.

On the other hand, investment/brokerage firms are filled, top to bottom, with smart ass types - present company included. Heck, our CEO (a former stockbroker himself) was in for a special visit last week. When he introduced himself, I said, "hey, how ya' doin'" or something like that. He's a nice guy, likeable and normal. We talked about business for two minutes then golf (I don't play, but used to and can bulls**t well) for ten minutes. Normal guy even though he runs a $10 billion dollar/year revenue company.

Just becuase someone has a title doesn't make them weird. 99% are normal men/women. Its' that 1% that you have to look out for. I figure if I do my job well, I have no problem. As an old coach used to tell me "be outstanding, don't stand out"

you are lucky then...ColnagoFE
Sep 16, 2003 7:07 AM
I know a few decent VP level people and above, but not many. Most are too busy a$$ kissing the person who they think can get them up the next rung to bother with us "little people" and if you make any waves--no matter how justified--you get canned or demoted. am i bitter? yeah probably a little bit.
In all fairnessPaulCL
Sep 17, 2003 10:56 AM
Yes, I am a corporate VP too. Don't hate me - its' just a stupid title. All it gets me is a window office and really nice stationary...and the envy of my friends...NOT!

But in all fairness, my business if very different than other corporate settings. I have my own business within the corporate business. I have my own book of clients. My firm needs me and people like me to be successful. Therefore, the big bigwigs cater to us somewhat. My business has never been the sort to be built upon the backs or stabbed backs of others. I just couldn't live in any other environment. My friends at P&G wear only specific colors of suits, go to the right parties, live in the right neighborhoods, wear the right lapel pins, never can sneak out early to ride, etc...

On the other hand...I don't know what my income will be month to month either. So while I don't have the corporate BS and sucking up to do, I don't have a salary, paid vacation, days off, sick days, others have. Life is a tradeoff.

Excellent. The Stuart Little defense and Kinky pop psychology;128
Sep 16, 2003 5:28 AM
"I'm feeling much better now." -GM
I told a customer to kiss my fat, furry a-s recently...OutWest
Sep 16, 2003 10:04 PM
...of course, he was being a class A jerk, I hadn't started the job so it was no loss to walk out, and I am self-employed so I can do that. Most importantly, he deserved it! Its not something I would make a habit of but it sure felt good.
Must have felt good, but...empacher6seat
Sep 20, 2003 3:51 PM
You didn't just lose his business, but that of all his family and friends that he'll tell about your attitude. Mind you, he'll probably exaggerate the story, but still, if you don't mind losing customers...

I have dreams of kicking some customers in the teeth, but I haven't succumb to them yet. I have refused to work with people, but I try to handle it in at least a semi-professional way.
Oh, it nothing I would make a habit of and as far as...OutWest
Sep 20, 2003 7:00 PM
...his family, they would laugh their heads off if he told them. I don't think he has any friends. If you met the guy you would understand. Having said that I now feel a little sorry for the guy, why is he like that and does he have any feelings that I might of hurt? All I know is that he hurt my feelings and insulted me pretty badly because he was having a bad day of his own creation and I had enough. As far as losing customers, I spend too much time being accomodating as it is. It still feels great, too!
We had a new General Manager at our officePseuZQ
Sep 17, 2003 11:42 AM
SF office of a global PR firm. I was an SVP at the nadir of my stint there (for a variety of reasons). Anyhow, I had a real beef with this guy (as did just about everyone else in the office). One morning, he made some sort of snide remark, and all of a sudden I find myself saying, under my breath but still sorta loud, "That's OK -- I could kick your ass."

Neither the general manager nor I are still employed by this particular firm.