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Funny message from my friend(1 post)

Funny message from my friendlotterypick
Sep 3, 2003 9:15 AM
I realize that I just sent everyone an e-mail a couple of days ago, but something fantastic has happened.

No - I still do not know when I am coming home.

But, we now have a flushing toilet at the old Samarra Police Station. In fact, we have five... but only two work. This is a red letter day here in the sandy-hot. And I figured that everyone would like to know. I have included a photograph of it. This is almost as exciting as the day we bought our air conditioner.

Picture one: This is our bathroom. But don't be deceived, there really isn't a bath in here. On the right is the cement hole that we used to use when nature called. (There is a slow water leak from somewhere inside the wall). On the left is our glorious new throne. Unfortunately, we cannot flush paper products, so we have to carry that stuff out to the "burn pit" when we have "completed our mission." There are also no lights in here, and it is probably 130 degrees in this little room during the heat of the day. But the toilet itself is lovely - don't you think? Maybe someday we will install a sink.

Picture two: I have resent to you the picture of Saddam's palatial bathroom that I used in Baghdad. Ours is not quite as nice, but beats "the hole" by a long shot.

Picture three: Since I am sending toilet photos, I figured that I would send a picture of SGT Kennedy demonstrating how to correctly sit on a toilet. (This one is from Saddam's recreation palace in Tikrit). This toilet is not as nice as the Baghdad toilet, but still a little bit nicer than our own. I can't tell if SGT Kennedy is constipated or if this is his war face.

Well, I hope that this e-mail is enlightening for everyone. For all of my friends and family who are praying for the team, check this one off as one prayer answered.

Okay, gotta go. Getting ready for a delegation of local Samarrans to go to a conference in Tikrit to discuss provincial elections that will be happening in the next couple of weeks. That's a pretty big deal - one of the things we have been working hard for here. I would have written more about the move to democracy taking place in Iraq, but today the toilet is the biggest news around.

Hugs and smooches,

Brian "no more leg cramps"