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Sprawl makes people fat and kills cyclists(1 post)

Sprawl makes people fat and kills cyclistsPdxMark
Aug 28, 2003 6:15 PM
Studies published in American Journal of Health Promotion and the American Journal of Public Health have correlated living in sprawling areas with weight gain. They have have also correlated our urban sprawl with cyclist fatality increases.

It's not really a surprise. Driving everywhere, including to the newset Krispy Kreme or McDonalds, through towns where it's impossible to walk or bike, would naturally add to sedantary lives. In contrast, density allows people to walk places, to markets, schools, etc., and get a basic level of activity everyday without having to drive to a gym.

Whether compared on a per-trip basis or by distance traveled, U.S. cyclists were three times more likely to be killed than German cyclists and six times more likely to die than Dutch cyclists, the study found.

Be careful out there.