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Poll time to lighten things up -- TP direction and politics(14 posts)

Poll time to lighten things up -- TP direction and politics94Nole
Aug 28, 2003 12:53 PM
Do you prefer your toilet paper to roll off from the top or from underneath? Do you consider yourself to the right of center or left of center in your politics? No fence dwellers. Choose right or left. Choosing left doesn't put you totally in the camp of OldEd or Czar and being right doesn't necessarily associate you with Live Stream or the other right thinkers here.

I am definitely a from the top guy and certainly right of center.
has to come off the topmohair_chair
Aug 28, 2003 1:09 PM
If you ever get ahold of novelty or fancy toilet paper that is printed on one side, you'll immediately realize which way it is supposed to go. From the top. You'll find that in etiquette manuals if you look for it. Only ill-mannered and uncultured cretins have it coming off the bottom.
top/left (nm)ColnagoFE
Aug 28, 2003 1:19 PM
Define right and left.Spoke Wrench
Aug 29, 2003 5:26 AM
I'm not kidding!

The ACLU essentially defends the bill or rights which would make it seem to be a "rightest" organization, but they always seem to wind up defending a bunch of "leftists." The Libertarians, on the other hand, seem to me to be so liberal that they're conservative. I don't see liberal and conservative as a line continuum. I think that it's a circle so there is no left and right.

I'm a pretty conservative guy, but I keep finding myself on the liberal side of most controversial issues. I'd define myself as a compassionate conservative, but that definition has already been taken by someone who isn't.
1. who cares as long as its there when you need itPaulCL
Aug 29, 2003 5:49 AM
2. Politics. Right of center. Not far right, but right, none the less

As for the toilet paper question - it reminds me of a Phil Donahue show. While home sick from school many, many years ago, I sat through PD show. Phil spent at least 20 minutes of the show discussing whether tp should roll off the top or bottom. He asked for opinions from multiple audience members until he made the mistake and asked an old man. The old man responded by saying he just wanted it to be there when he needed it and he couldn't believe that Phil would stoop so low to waste national TV time on toilet paper. He really made Phil out to look stupid. Of course, TV talks shows have gone much lower since.
Don't even hang mine. I like the hands-on feelingOldEdScott
Aug 29, 2003 6:18 AM
of grabbing the whole roll and whipping off whatever I need with a great circular motion of my arm. It's a quirk.

As regular readers of this forum know, politically I'm a moderate centrist.
anarchist ;-) nmDougSloan
Aug 29, 2003 7:05 AM
ps - admit it, you are using corn cobs, anyway nmDougSloan
Aug 29, 2003 7:07 AM
Nah, Sears-Roebuck catalogue. nmOldEdScott
Aug 29, 2003 7:15 AM
If you really use a Sears catalogue...Spoke Wrench
Sep 1, 2003 11:46 AM
you'll know which section gets used first.
coffee filters work in a pinch (nm)ColnagoFE
Sep 3, 2003 9:36 AM
you keep those in the bathroom? don't want to picture scene..nmDougSloan
Sep 4, 2003 6:29 AM
Just close your eyes and never accept a cup of Joe from Colnago.Kristin
Sep 4, 2003 6:31 AM
Top - it's easier to find the end :O)Live Steam
Aug 29, 2003 7:05 AM
Even if I am the one to put a new roll in, my wife always fins it necessary to flip it over. Arg! Drives me nuts. Here I am spinning it round and round trying to find the end, and its flipped over.

Uhummm! Do I really need to respond to part due? :O) You can call me a moderate. Moderately tolerant of the left :O)