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An interesting perspective on the monument in Alabama...(5 posts)

An interesting perspective on the monument in Alabama...ClydeTri
Aug 27, 2003 4:39 AM
Those of you who believe in states rights and orginal intent of the COnstitution will enjoy this...
he's right, but that ship has sailed... nmDougSloan
Aug 27, 2003 5:03 AM
Keyes illustrates how wacky he is.Continental
Aug 27, 2003 7:15 AM
His entire verbose, rambling argument comes down to his assertion that that the doctrine, repeatedly affirmed by the Supreme Court of the United States, that the First Amendment forbids an establishment of religion, and that the 14th Amendment applies this prohibition to the states, is incorrect. Keyes arguement has extremely scary consequences. A few right wing Jesus freaks in Alabama might agree with Keyes, but I'm completely confident that the U. S. Supreme Court will never agree with him.
Good God, he needs an editor.OldEdScott
Aug 27, 2003 7:32 AM
That was the most sentences I've ever seen packed into a two-semtence argument.

Sails right past long-settled Constitutional interpretation too, but what the hell?
will work for bourbon? nmmohair_chair
Aug 27, 2003 7:45 AM