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WMD FOUND...Isn't it time Dubya said.."Just Kidding"(5 posts)

WMD FOUND...Isn't it time Dubya said.."Just Kidding"critmass
Aug 24, 2003 11:49 PM
Associated Press 8/24/03 13:34

"Huddled over a fleet of abandoned Iraqi drones, U.S. weapons experts in Baghdad came to one conclusion: Despite the Bush administration's public assertions, these unmanned aerial vehicles weren't designed to dispense biological or chemical weapons.
The evidence gathered this summer matched the dissenting views of Air Force intelligence analysts who argued in a national intelligence assessment of Iraq before the war that the remotely piloted planes were unarmed reconnaissance drones.

In building its case for war, senior Bush administration officials had said Iraq's drones were intended to deliver unconventional weapons. Secretary of State Colin Powell even raised the alarming prospect that the pilotless aircraft could sneak into the United States to carry out poisonous attacks on American cities."

Mountains of chemical and biological weapons ready to go in 45 minutes, mobile chem/bio labs zipping hither and thither, clandestine facilities built near every Iraqi daycare, unmanned drones to deliver WMD, Iraqi responsibility for 9-11, ...and not to mention the nuk-u-lar material from Africa (to be shared with any America-hating terrorist group that would take them) ...and oh, yes, the flower petals and hugs for our soldiers and that famous middle eastern hospitality for the glorious liberators.

"Iraq????? NO I meant Iran"...Dubya

The real cost of Dubya's lie's and misadventures
As of 8/24/03 327 grieving families
Since "Bring Them On" day (July 2nd) 71 deaths

CENTCOM 8/24/03.." There are now about 12 attacks daily against U.S. Military convoys"
I could "convert" a drone to be a WMD in about 60 seconds.jesse1
Aug 25, 2003 2:51 AM
OK, notice "convert" is not convert. If the Bush administration is so dishonest, why don't they get a couple of CIA types doing the investigation. All it would take is a cordless drill, a good sharp bit and a couple of spray nozzles, along with a conventional camera shot that the negative couldn't be altered, and you've got your delivery system! Once the pics are taken, you'd want to destroy the "evidence" so it wouldn't fall into the "wrong hands".
As reality-challenged as Live Streamcritmass
Aug 25, 2003 7:34 AM
or are you the same?
60 seconds and a cordless drill to change an old eastern European L29 into a chemical/biological agent delivering drone that would be a threat to U.S. soil????
What an extraordinary genius you are. But then according to UNMOVIC as early as 1999 and now U.S. experts it wasn't done so I'll leave you to your delusions.
You compliment me sir!jesse1
Aug 25, 2003 9:33 AM
But you so clearly missed my incredably simple point. I wouldn't be able to actually convert the drone over. But as far as any pictures go, it could be "converted" in less than 60 seconds. It would look as though it was a WMD, but it wouldn't be. Then, after the "proof" was on film/video, blow the drone to kingdom-come! Did you really not read my reply as such?
Your facetiousness was returned in kind. nmcritmass
Aug 25, 2003 10:01 AM