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Yes our president is frinds of AMERICAN bisiness' ,but ..(18 posts)

Yes our president is frinds of AMERICAN bisiness' ,but ..Live Steam
Aug 24, 2003 5:55 PM
let's all be reminded of who our Dumocratic representatives are friends with.

The China-connection - Chinese buying influence in Washington

Taiwan Communiqué No. 75, April 1997
Feinstein and Bennett Johnston:
China's voices in Congress

Voicing support for China and benefiting from business deals with China is not limited to big business and former government officials. It also occurs in the US Congress: two persons stand out in this respect: former Senator J. Bennett Johnston (LA) and present California Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Mr. Johnston stood out in 1995 as the only senator voting against the resolution to allow Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui to enter the US to attend a reunion at his alma mater, Cornell University.

It now becomes clear why: in the book "The coming conflict with China" writers Bernstein and Munro report that Mr. Johnston's two sons have extensive business deals with China. One, Hunter Johnston, is a consultant for Entergy Corp. as well as General Atomics, which wants to export nuclear power plant equipment to China. When the Louisiana Democrat, who was chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, went to China for a visit, he took his two sons with him, so they could conduct business deals.

Mr. Johnston also wrote to his colleagues on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and asked them to muffle their support for Chinese-occupied Tibet. He offered his colleagues to arrange meetings with the Chinese ambassador in DC. Congressional staffers often referred to Johnston as the "appointment secretary" for the ambassador.

Another outspoken China-propagandist in the Senate is Dianne Feinstein. To her colleagues and Senate staffers she is known for her long, haranguing monologues, explaining her close ties with Jiang Zemin dating from the days she was mayor of San Francisco and the rosy perspective for U.S.-China relations, and a strong support for China's MFN-status. In doing this, she totally whitewashes China's repression in Tibet and the lack of human rights in China itself, as well as China's military threats and missiles campaigns against a free and democratic Taiwan.

Mrs. Feinstein's political positioning is also linked to financial benefits and profits from China trade: her husband is San Francisco investment banker Richard C. Blum, who in 1994 set up a US$ 150 million fund, named Newbridge Capital, to invest in companies in China. According to a 24 June 1994 article in the San Francisco Business Times, Mr. Blum was recruiting Chinese-Americans in San Francisco to form operational teams to watch over the funds' investments in China.

The article noted that besides Mr. Blum own (existing) investments in China which are reported by the San Francisco Chronicle to run between US$ 2 and 3 million , "...he has long-established contacts dating back to trade missions he took with his wife, then-Mayor Dianne Feinstein, in the late 1970s.

At the end of March 1997, several California newspapers published articles on the conflict of interest between Mrs. Feinstein's outspoken positions on relations with China and her husband's business dealings. On 28 March 1997, the Los Angeles Times published an article titled "Feinstein, husband hold strong China connections," while on 1 April 1997, the San Francisco Chronicle published an article, titled "Blum factor is a real one for Feinstein."

In the article, San Francisco Chronicle writer Debra Saunders wrote about Mr. Blum's attempt to whitewash the conflict of interest by saying that his donations to the American Himalayan Foundation "...remove any perception that I, in any way ... benefit from or influence my wife's position as a U.S. Senator."

Ms. Saunders rightly stated: "Sorry, it doesn't work that way. It would be amazingly naïve to believe that being the husband of the U.S. Senator most friendly to China has no effect on Blum's business dealing in China."
The Long Beach Naval Station CaperLive Steam
Aug 24, 2003 5:57 PM
On 8 March 1997, Associated Press / Dow Jones News Service reported in an investigative article that the historic Naval Base at Long Beach, California was about to be leased to the Chinese government-controlled shipping company COSCO (China Ocean Shipping Co.) for ten years at US$ 14.5 million a year.

The deal is amazing, because the city of Long Beach is going to pay some $200 million to prepare the base, and also contribute $ 200,000 for the Chinese shipping company's moving costs. According to the article, the base is valued by the City at $65 million, but preservationist groups estimate its value at some $ 300 million.

The article detailed how Mr. Clinton's White House in 1995 and 1996 pushed to turn the Navy Base over to the Chinese firm. One of the key figures in the deal was Johnny Chung, a shady Chinese-American businessman, who last year gave $366,000 to the Democratic National Committee. The money was later returned on suspicion it illegally came from foreign sources. Last year, Chung brought six Chinese officials to the White House to watch Clinton make his weekly radio address. One of the six was an advisor to Cosco.

The AP / Dow Jones report details how COSCO was involved in a number of shady activities, including the scheme to smuggle some 2,000 AK-47 rifles into the United States, with the purpose of selling them to streetgangs in Los Angeles and San Francisco (see our Taiwan Communiqué no. 71, June 1996, pp. 18-19).

In 1993, a COSCO ship was stopped by U.S. Navy ships in the Persian Gulf after U.S. intelligence warned it might be carrying chemical weapons materials.

During the past year, COSCO ship were repeatedly detained for violating international safety regulations, and the US Coast Guard has put the company on a target list of shippers to monitor. It was also a COSCO ship which hit a crowded boardwalk in New Orleans in December 1996, injuring 116 people.

The New York Times ("Senators ask for inquiry on leasing of California base to Chinese", 13 March 1997) quoted U.S. federal officials as saying that COSCO ships are frequently the subject of surveillance, not only because of the weapons incident last year, but also because of concerns that China is evading export quotas on textiles and that its ships have been used to bring "all kinds of contraband" into the US.

According to the Wall Street Journal ("Blum Associate's link to China hinders plan to convert base", WSJ, 26 March 1997) Mr. Peter Kwok, a director of Dianne Feinstein husband's Newbridge Capital investment company (see above), is an advisor to COSCO's Hong Kong operation.

On 20 March 1997, several members of Congress, led by California Congressmen Hunter, Cunningham and Bono introduced legislation in the US House of Representatives prohibiting the transfer of the Long Beach Naval Station to foreign-owned shipping companies.
Oh the HYPOCRISYLive Steam
Aug 24, 2003 6:04 PM
Linda Hall Daschle, wife of Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D., has lobbied since 1997 for some of the U.S. government's largest contractors.

According to federal lobbying records, Mrs. Daschle represents Boeing and United Technologies on Capitol Hill, even as these interests depend on her husband's official acts in the Senate for their federal contracts.

The income Mrs. Daschle ultimately derives from her clients also enters the Daschle family budget, improving Sen. Daschle's finances as he considers actions that will affect these clients. The exact amount Mrs. Daschle earns from her lobbying activities remains unknown, since the senator told Human Events he will not make their joint tax return public.

Mrs. Daschle, a former top Federal Aviation Administration official, has lobbied for Loral Space Technologies, which was awarded a nearly $1 billion FAA contract when she served as FAA deputy administrator.

In addition to these companies, two major airlines, three airports and aviation manufacturing interests, Mrs. Daschle represents or has represented pharmaceutical company Schering-Plough and the American Trucking Association.

No conflict of interest?

Mrs. Daschle's lobbying activities as senior public policy director of the law firm Baker, Donelson, Bearman and Caldwell have received only a small amount of press scrutiny, save for an account in the Washington Monthly earlier this year. Her lobbying activities surfaced again recently because of a controversial proposal before the Senate to lease military aircraft from Boeing – a client of Mrs. Daschle since 1998, according to federal records.

Dan Crippen, director of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, has estimated that the Boeing lease plan would cost the government $37 billion for the use of 100 Boeing 767s over a 10-year period. The deal is controversial because, according to CBO estimates, the outright purchase of the same airplanes would cost only $25 billion, and they could remain useful for 20 to 30 years.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the leading critic of the leasing deal, has called it "war profiteering," and charges that the deal "has nothing to do with national defense and everything to do with taking care of Boeing."

Sen. Daschle has not made any public statements on the Boeing lease plan, but must, as Senate majority leader, decide whether and when to schedule a vote on the matter, since McCain pushed an amendment through the Armed Services Committee that may doom the deal.

But regardless of the merits of buying or leasing Boeing aircraft, the fact remains that Sen. Daschle, in his official capacity, cannot help but make decisions by which his wife's clients may gain or lose millions, or even billions, of dollars. In the case of some of the major government contractors Mrs. Daschle represents, Sen. Daschle's official acts could ensure or undermine their future economic viability. In the case of Boeing, for example, the Senate will consider the re-authorization of the Federal Export-Import Bank by the end of May. Boeing perennially receives more than 40 percent of the bank's funds.

Sen. Daschle told Human Events that because Mrs. Daschle voluntarily chooses not to lobby his chamber of Congress, he does not consider it a conflict of interest for her to represent interests that depend on his official acts.

"My wife doesn't lobby in the Senate at all," he said. "So she has limited her activities to the House, and I think that's appropriate."

In a written statement e-mailed to Human Events that was not completely responsive to the questions asked, Bob Bauer, Mrs. Daschle's counsel, said, "Mrs. Daschle does not accept any suggestion that she cannot pursue this independent career, which preceded her marriage to Sen. Daschle." Bauer also pointed out that the wives of several Republican lawmakers also have careers of their own, some in lobbying.

Meanwhile, the income Mrs.
Daschle’s Love Affair with ArsenicLive Steam
Aug 24, 2003 6:07 PM
Why does Tom Daschle enjoy poisoning the nation's children?

Daschle was one of 18 Democratic senators in October 2000 who voted to give the Environmental Protection Agency more time to implement a new rule on arsenic in drinking water. Barbara Boxer had offered an amendment to the VA-HUD appropriations bill that would have forced the EPA to finalize its new rule by January 1st, 2001, instead of giving it until June 22, 2001.

If one accepts the terms in which Democrats have attacked Bush on arsenic recently, the Boxer amendment would have meant six fewer months for innocent Americans to drink corrupted and dangerous water. Yet, 18 Democrats — 42 percent of the caucus — voted against it.

Yes, there were procedural reasons for the Democrats to oppose the amendment. Any changes might have killed a House-Senate deal, and according to Daschle's office, perhaps endangered the ability of the EPA to make a new rule at all. But why settle for playing such inside baseball games when the nation's health is at risk? And 25 Democrats did vote for Boxer.

Of course, there were substantive reasons as well to oppose the Boxer amendment, reasons that will sound familiar to defenders of the original Bush arsenic decision. Cut to an account of the debate produced at the time by the Republican Policy Committee:

"In 1996, Congress set a schedule under which the EPA was to update the arsenic standard for drinking water. The EPA is behind schedule in developing that rule. It is currently required to issue its final rule by January 1, 2001, but it says it will not be ready until April or May, 2001. It has not had time to evaluate the concerns that have been expressed about the proposed rule it issued this summer (6 months behind schedule). Many small communities are especially worried about that proposal because, if it were implemented, it would prove prohibitively expensive for their customers. For instance, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality found that the cost of water for residents in the Heartland Mobile Home Park would be $230 per month per customer under this proposed rule. It is very likely that in some areas this rule would just end town water service and people would drill their own wells, and end up drinking water that was much less safe for them."

Now, if Democrats aren't just being opportunistic and demagogic in their current attacks on Bush, they would have risen up as one against these arguments back in October.

Tom Daschle has recently said, "Under FDR all we had to fear was fear itself. Now, we have to fear arsenic in our drinking water." And he has condemned the Bush arsenic action as "an outrageous and indefensible decision."

So, where was Daschle in October? With 18 other Democrats who joined Republicans to give the EPA more time to implement a rule, suggesting the new arsenic reg is just what Bush defenders say it is: a minor adjustment that is not particularly urgent.

Who would have thought delaying the arsenic rule would turn out to have been one of Bush's bipartisan initiatives?
Why Monica's Hummers where a big dealLive Steam
Aug 24, 2003 6:10 PM
Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle said Sunday that he suspects scandal-scarred congressman Gary Condit isn't the only member of the House Intelligence Committee whose tawdry secret life makes him a ripe target for blackmail.

But the nation's No. 1 elected Democrat indicated that's no reason that Condit or other Intelligence Committee members he didn't name shouldn't be handling the nation's most sensitive secrets.

Asked by NBC "Meet the Press" host Tim Russert whether he thought Condit's vulnerability to blackmail means he should recuse himself from the key intelligence post, Daschle dismissed the suggestion, saying, "There are probably others that are subject to blackmail as well."

House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt, who has the last word over whether the California Democrat is removed from the post, apparently agrees that Condit's admitted affair with missing 24-year-old intern Chandra Levy - as well as allegations he tried to cover up sexual relationships with at least two other women - don't render him unfit to handle super-sensitive U.S. secrets.

"All political questions should be addressed after the whereabouts of [Levy] are addressed," Gephardt's spokesman Erik Smith told the New York Post Sunday.

But Gephardt did not address suspicions that other House Intelligence Committee Democrats may be vulnerable to blackmail over Condit-like misconduct.

During former president Bill Clinton's 1999 Senate impeachment trial, then-Senate Minority Leader Daschle struck a deal with his Republican counterpart Trent Lott not to investigate evidence that Clinton had been blackmailed by foreign intelligence services that are believed to possess recordings of his phone-sex sessions with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Here's the full exhange between Daschle and Russert:

RUSSERT: Would it be in the country's best interests that a congressman - whose apartment has been searched, has given a DNA sample, has in fact given a lie detector test, has been accused of asking that an affidavit be signed improperly during this critical period - that he recuse himself from the House Intelligence Committee, where he's privy to all our nation's secrets?

DASCHLE: Well, Tim, you put your finger on the right word - "accused." That's what he stands of right now, he's accused of some things that I don't think anybody can prove at this point. The real focus has to be on finding Chandra Levy. That's where the investigation needs to go. Until we know the facts, I think it's highly premature to come to any conclusions about Mr. Condit or anybody else.

RUSSERT: But he is vulnerable to blackmail in his current situation.

DASCHLE: Well, he may be. But there are probably others that are subject to blackmail as well. I think the real issue is how do you find some solution to this tragedy. And the best way to do that is to keep the focus on where it should be and that is [on] Chandra Levy.
Daschle seeks environmental exemptionLive Steam
Aug 24, 2003 6:15 PM
Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle quietly slipped into a spending bill language exempting his home state of South Dakota from environmental regulations and lawsuits, in order to allow logging in an effort to prevent forest fires.
The move discovered yesterday by fellow lawmakers angered Western legislators whose states were forced to obey those same rules as they battled catastrophic wildfires.
"What's good for the Black Hills should be good for every forest in the United States," said Sen. Larry E. Craig, Idaho Republican and chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee.
Mr. Daschle, a Democrat, said the language to expedite logging is essential to reduce the timber growth that can fuel wildfires.
"As we have seen in the last several weeks, the fire danger in the Black Hills is high and we need to get crews on the ground as soon as possible to reduce this risk and protect property and lives," Mr. Daschle said in a statement late Monday night after a House-Senate conference committee agreed on the language.
The language was tucked inside the defense supplemental spending bill, which passed the House last night by a 397-32 vote. The overall measure, which spends $29 billion, will be taken up by the Senate today.
The provision says that "due to extraordinary circumstances," timber activities will be exempt from the National Forest Management Act and National Environmental Policy Act, is not subject to notice, comment or appeal requirements under the Appeals Reform Act, and is not subject to judicial review by any U.S. court.
More than 20 lawsuits, appeals or reviews are blocking timber projects to remove fuel from the Black Hills — some bottled up in bureaucracy since 1985, say Republican aides.
"After hearing all the hand-wringing from environmentalists downplaying the impact of appeals and litigation, it's nice to see that the highest-ranking Democrat in the nation agrees that these frivolous challenges have totally crippled forest managers," said Rep. Scott McInnis, Colorado Republican and chairman of the House Resources subcommittee on forests and forest health.
Mr. Daschle said his measure is the "fastest and most effective way to get the forest thinned."
"To be effective, any piece of legislation must be crafted in a way that avoids more time-consuming litigation, and this deal should meet that critical test," Mr. Daschle said.
House and Senate Republicans signaled they would try to extend the exemptions to forests in their own states.
"He should expect that and he should support it," Mr. Craig said.
More than 50,000 fires have torched 3.7 million acres this summer, the National Interagency Fire Center reported yesterday.
"It will be interesting indeed to find out if what's good for Mr. Daschle's goose is also good for the West's gander. We intend to find out," Mr. McInnis said.
Environmental groups oppose timber cutting as a form of fire prevention, and some groups contend that logging activities constitute the sort of human actions that cause forest fires.
"It's like giving people the mumps vaccine during a measles outbreak because you don't have a measles vaccine," said Jeff Kessler, spokesman for the Biodiversity Conservation Alliance.
"You appear to be doing something that matters, when instead all you are doing is eroding the rule of law," Mr. Kessler said.
The provision to allow logging in the Norbeck Wildlife Preserve and Beaver Park was first included in the farm bill by Rep. John Thune, South Dakota Republican, who is challenging Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson for his seat in November.
It was killed by Mr. Daschle and Mr. Johnson under pressure from environmental groups, congressional aides said.
"They caved to the national environmental groups during the farm bill and got destroyed back home because of it, so they really didn't have any choice but to join Mr. Thune," one
Much, much more to come boys and girls :O) nmLive Steam
Aug 24, 2003 6:23 PM
Who's smarter than whom? And who is a finisher?Live Steam
Aug 24, 2003 6:38 PM
President George W. Bush – despite his post-Sept. 11 performance – remains dumb, says "West Wing" producer Aaron Sorkin.

Bush's stratospheric popularity, claims Sorkin, results from our collective refusal to admit Bush's stupidity: "That illusion [of a fully-engaged Bush] may be what we need right now, but the truth is we're simply pretending to believe that Bush exhibited unspeakable courage at the World Series by throwing out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium, or that he, by God, showed those terrorists by going to Salt Lake City and jumbling the first line of the Olympic opening ceremony. The media is waving pompoms, and the entire country is being polite."

Why, then, did "brainy" Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore lose to his obvious intellectual inferior? Sorkin offers this analysis: Gore, reluctant to demonstrate his superior intelligence, pulled his punches against Bush. In an upcoming "West Wing" episode, Sorkin intends to pit his fictional smart Democratic President Josiah Bartlet, played by Martin Sheen (who once called Bush a "moron"), vs. a less-than-bright Republican candidate. Sorkin explains, "Bartlet is going to be running against Gov. Robert Ritchie, of Florida, who's not the sharpest tool in the box but who's raised a lot of money and is very popular with the Republican Party. ... It was frustrating watching Gore try so hard not to appear smart in the debates – why not just say, 'Here's my f---ing resume, what do you got?'"

In this fictitious Gore vs. Bush II contest, President Bartlet's communications director, often portrayed as the White House's conscience, psychoanalyzes the boss and offers the following advice: "You don't want to lose as the smartest kid in class who's running against an everyman. But I'm telling you, be the smartest kid in your class. Be the reason why your father hated you. Make this an election about smart and stupid, about engaged and not, qualified and not."

Gore, according to Sorkin, possesses an impressive f---ing resume, but what about Gore's f---ing academic performance and his f---ing grades?

First, prep school. Although Gore received a SAT math score of 730, a former St. Alban's teacher called his performance in physics "terrible." What about chemistry? The former professor said, "He didn't do too well in chemistry."

After his graduation from St. Alban's High School, Gore entered Harvard. "In his sophomore year at Harvard," according to The Washington Post, " Gore's grades were lower than any semester recorded on Bush's transcript from Yale [emphasis added]." Gore, later the author of the environmental call-to-arms book, "Earth in the Balance," received a D in a Harvard science course. The Post described Gore's sophomore year: "[That was] the year Gore's classmates remember him spending a notable amount of time in the Dunster House basement lounge shooting pool, watching television, eating hamburgers and occasionally smoking marijuana."

On to graduate school. In 1971, Gore enrolled in Vanderbilt Divinity School. The Washington Times says, "It is said that Mr. Gore failed to hand in his book report on time. Thus, his incomplete grade turned into an F, one of five Fs Mr. Gore received at divinity school, which may well be a worldwide record." He later dropped out.

Gore then enrolled in law school, but also failed to finish. The Boston Globe said, "Nor did Gore graduate from Vanderbilt Law School, where he enrolled for a brief time and received his fair share of Cs."

Not only did Bush academically outperform the "intellectually superior" Gore, Bush scored a higher verbal SAT score than Rhodes scholar and former Democratic presidential candidate Bill Bradley, with Bush scoring 566 to Bradley's 485. True, Gore scored a higher verbal SAT at 625, but the "smart, engaged, and qualified" former vice president scored only 59 points higher than the allegedly intellectually deficient Bush.

Stupidity, it appears, flows from
He flunked out of divinity school! Now that's devine! LOL!!!!!Live Steam
Aug 24, 2003 6:39 PM
Aug 24, 2003 6:43 PM

Johnny Chung used to visit the White House, about sixty times. He was a Democratic campaign fund-raiser. He was so beloved by Mr. and Mrs. Clinton that he was photographed with them and allowed to bring Chinese businessmen in to see President Clinton's radio talk show. In March 1998, this Clinton and Gore money raiser was charged with making illegal campaign contributions. There were no charges against Clinton or Gore for taking illegal campaign contributions. U.S. Magistrate Virginia Phillips understood Chung would be pleading guilty and told the 43-year-old Taiwanese-born businessman to appear in federal court March 16, 1998, to plead guilty to charges that include funneling $20,000 in illegal contributions to the Clinton-Gore re-election campaign. Chung actually contributed more than $400,000 to Democratic causes and candidates between 1994 and 1996 . He said that in 1995 he was solicited for money by a White House staffer and delivered a $50,000 check to first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's office. He has also been charged with federal campaign finance law, tax evasion and bank fraud. The reduced amount ($20,000) in the charges against him are the result of a bargain negotiated between Chung's lawyer and federal prosecutors. A sleazy, unnamed federal source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Chung had agreed to cooperate with the government probe in return for leniency. He is the first major figure in the campaign finance scandal to offer cooperation. His sentence will supposedly depend on how much information he is able to provide and whether it is found to be useful, the sleazy source said. While he could face 37 years in prison and $1.45 million in fines, it's more likely he'll either have a heart attack (Like Jim McDougal), have some kind of accident, or be let off with a wrist slap -- to go out and get more money for the money sucking Democratic politicians. Chung was accused of setting up ``straw donors'' who wrote campaign donation checks, then were reimbursed by Chung in order to skirt contribution limits. Chung is the fourth person charged in the last five weeks in the Justice Department's probe into finance abuses during the 1996 campaign. "This investigation is moving forward, but we are not going to let up now," said Clinton appointee Attorney General Janet Reno, who had worked hard to prevent the assignment of a special prosecutor to look into the questionable methods used by Democrats to raise funds.
Johnny Chung info confirms CommunistLive Steam
Aug 24, 2003 6:45 PM
funds are linked to Clinton 'Executive Order'

WASHINGTON DESK - A Democrat Party fund-raiser, Johnny Chung, recently decided to cooperate with federal investigators from the Justice Department about the circumstances under which he was involved in a $100,000 fund transfer made to the Clinton-Gore Campaign in 1996.

According to reliable sources, Chung has made good on that promise. He has told federal investigators that the source of those funds was a high ranking Chinese military officer and high ranking Chinese Communist Party hack who doubled as an aerospace executive whose father was General Liu Huaqing.

In a stunning revelation, New York Times staff writer Jeff Gerth reported that Chung has told federal investigators on Thursday that the Hong Kong aerospace engineer, Liu Chao-ying, disclosed the source of the money she donated to Clinton.

At one fund-raiser to which Chung gained admission for Liu Chao-ying, she was carefully photographed standing with president Clinton at a Los Angeles Clinton-Gore Campaign fund raiser in July 1996.

The Clinton White House began circling the wagons Thursday, as Clinton aide Jim Kennedy, told reporters, 'We had no knowledge about the source of Chung's money or the background of his was clearly not appropriate for...her to see the president.'

Before the White House could mount more of a counter-attack on Johnny Chung, however, Chung bolstered his credibility by submitting authenticated bank records of the funds transaction to federal investigators.

The Justice Department now has direct evidence obtained by its own investigators that the Chinese government was overtly engaged in making illegal political contributions to the Clinton-Gore Campaign and the Democrat Party in exchange for presidential action.

Within the time-frame of the illegal Communist Chinese contribution to the Clinton-Gore Campaign, president Clinton had signed a retro-active Executive Order protecting Loral, the U.S. contractor which handed over top-secret U.S. military ICBM targeting technology to the Communist Chinese for use in Chinese missile testing.

Chung's account is credible in view of the facts coming to light this week that puts Liu's firm at the center of Red Army missile research.

It is not a difficult link to make between president Clinton's questionable Loral Executive Order and Liu's campaign contribution. The legal effect of Clinton's action granted Liu's firm access to U.S. ICBM targeting technology for strategic use in Red Army ICBMs and made Liu an attractive Chinese entity for U.S, space contractors like Loral and Hughes Aircraft to do business with in China.

The Times reports that a representative of the Chinese government denied that Beijing was behind the illegal contributions. 'China has always abided by the laws and regulations in this country...We have nothing to do whatsoever with political contributions in this country.' Yu Shu-ning, a Chinese embassy spokesperson is said to have offered in explanation to Chung's statements to Justice Department investigators.

In 1996 president Clinton made a decision that went into effect on election day that enhanced the financial viability of Liu's business ventures that would depend upon American satellites research and U.S. ICBM targeting code secrets.
continued - can you believe we actually elected this traitor?Live Steam
Aug 24, 2003 6:48 PM
Pentagon experts have concluded that the arrangement has harmed American national security by advancing China's rocket and missile capabilities.

Details of this debacle are leaking out in the Times story that has Chung as instrumental in helping Liu obtain a visa to enter the U.S. in early July 1996. A week later Chung wrote the DNC that he wanted to bring Liu and a Chinese medical executive to a July 22 fund-raising dinner to be held in the Southern California Brentwood home of Eli Broad.

Both of his guests' names were placed on the guest list after Chung wrote a check for $45,000 to the DNC on July 19th.

A week later, Chung set up a California corporation for Liu and himself, records show.

Liu arrived in Los Angeles on July 21, and the next day Chung accompanied her to two fund-raising events attended by Clinton, according to a law enforcement official quoted by the Times. The first was an early evening $1,000-per-plate gala at the Beverly Hilton.

Later that night, Chung and Liu attended a $25,000-per-couple dinner at Broad's home that raised more than $1.5 million for the 1996 Clinton-Gore Campaign. President Clinton was photographed with Liu at that gathering.

Senator Fred Thompson(R) after a very frustrating investigation blocked and delayed by the Clinton White House drafted a detailed narrative in February 1996 containing some new information on the activities of Democratic fund-raiser Johnny Chung, among other figures.

A draft report of 1,500-pages prepared by the Republican staff of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, made public in February 1996, detailed the roles of top Democrat Party fund-raisers and connections to Communist Chinese interests and outlined a plan by the Chinese government to subvert American elections which had been carried through.

Thompson urged the Justice Department to continue investigating campaign finance involving Communist Chinese illegal contributions to the DNC and possibly others, as well.

Janet Reno, U.S. attorney general, is now expected to launch the appointment of yet another investigation of criminal activity by the Clinton White House that was the subject of Senator Thompson's Senate inquiry but which has only come into sharper focus on the president himself, on Thursday.

I guess we should give Hillarity a shot at finishing the job her esteemed husband started! Let's just hand the commies the keys to Washington!
but what about johnny chimpo? nmrufus
Aug 26, 2003 9:38 AM
Just getting warmed up! :O) nmLive Steam
Aug 24, 2003 6:49 PM
Sen. Biden's Advice on Iraqi Security BackfiresLive Steam
Aug 24, 2003 7:16 PM
When Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., advised the Bush administration Friday morning that the best way to restore order to Iraq was to make sure Iraqi-trained police officers play a high-profile role in security forces in Baghdad, he apparently hadn't seen the front page of the New York Times.

"If you had serious police officers, say four or five Italian [security guards], along with six or seven Iraqi-trained police officers, you'd have an Iraqi face on the patrol," Biden told radio host Don Imus.

"Ultimately," urged the Delaware Democrat, "[Iraq's security force] has to have an Iraqi face" in order to succeed.

Apparently the United Nations agreed with Sen. Biden's thinking, since it retained several members of Saddam's secret service to guard the U.N. compound that was blown to smithereens on Tuesday.

According to the Times, American investigators now suspect the blast was an inside job, aided and abetted by the Iraqi guards.

An unnamed U.S official told the paper that all of the guards at the compound were agents of the Iraqi secret services who worked for the U.N. before the war. The United Nations continued to employ them right up until Tuesday's blast, the official said.

Luckily for the Americans working in U.S. compounds in Baghdad, the Bush administration disagrees with Sen. Biden's advice to turn over their security to Saddam's police force.
Someone has too much free time on his hands ;-)Alpedhuez55
Aug 25, 2003 5:19 AM
Some of that was pretty funny, in a very sad way.
Nah, these nefarious people provided so much fodder ...Live Steam
Aug 25, 2003 6:01 AM
that these are but a mere drop in the pond. Besides, I finished the bathroom yesterday and just needed to veg :O)

Yeah, it is a sad and ugly chapter in our history.
All very amusingfiltersweep
Aug 25, 2003 12:14 PM
A repub in office, with majorities in both house and senate? Is this even necessary, steam? What are you trying to prove?

Sure, the neo-con Repubs have a "people's mandate"- this is a "dumocracy"... but if you think the "majority" of people around are well-informed critical thinkers, then think again. Look at California if you want to take dumacracy directly to the people... can you imagine if we eliminated "representation" and ran everything as a referendum? Look at television programming if you want to take the pulse of the amerikan psyche...

Politics is like pop music- it is all about marketing the issues. At least the repubs have figured that one out.