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Friday topic: Make your pick NOW in the California recall(18 posts)

Friday topic: Make your pick NOW in the California recallcory
Aug 21, 2003 8:02 PM
I live next door in Nevada, but it's HUGE news all over out here. Seems pretty apparent Davis is gone, though he's being blamed for a lot of stuff he couldn't control.
So: Who's your guy? Can Arnold buy and bluff his way in, or will Bustamente cruise home, or Bill Simon?
Personally, if I lived there, I'd vote for Mary Carey, the porn star. At least she's honest about it.
Optional Part II: How big a part did the White House play in getting this thing off the ground, and why did Darrell Issa drop out in tears after putting up $1.5 million to get signatures.
Bustamente wins - with Arnold & Simon splitting the GOP...PdxMark
Aug 21, 2003 8:30 PM
if Simon stays in.

The GOP could throw the dice & talk Simon out of the race in favor of Arnold on the theory that politics is simply theater with power, and they have the theatrical guy. The problem with this is that the GOP then gets a highly visible social liberal, which could undercut thesocial agenda of George II's reign. Tough call for the GOP.

How is Arnie on the environment?
Bustamente and the "N" wordAlpedhuez55
Aug 22, 2003 7:07 AM
Bustamente was the one who use the "N" word while addressing Coalition of Black Trade Unionists a couple of years ago. I would love to see how some of the people on the board would have reacted to that if it were a republican or conservative making that slip.

Arnie is starting to let some of his positions out. have not heard much on the environment though. I think the party is a lot more open to social liberals and moderates than the left will admit. THe party has had a move closer to the center over the last decade and it seems the Democrats respond by moving further to the left.

Mike Y.
a lot more open to social liberals and moderates ...PdxMark
Aug 22, 2003 8:26 AM
I didn't know that about Bustamente... That will be interesting...

As to the GOP being "a lot more open to social liberals and moderates," you must be referring to a Party that I'm unaware of. Other than being open to getting their votes, the current populist GOP is founded on opposing socially liberal (and even moderate) policies, candidates, and even voices in the Party. Here in Oregon, most elected GOP officials clamber over each other to show who can be the least compromising, flexible or open to anything other than the Far Right dogma.

If the GOP actually were open to socially liberal and moderate ideas or policies, there might be much less vitriole and heat from the left, and maybe even alot of folks coming over to join the party (intentionally lower case).
a lot more open to social liberals and moderates ...Alpedhuez55
Aug 22, 2003 9:05 AM
Massachusetts is a good example. Our last four Republican governors could hardly be called conservatives. Fiscal conservatives maybe, but all were pro-life and pretty moderate to liberal on most social issues. Sure there are places where states or regions where the party may be more conservative.

Both parties have their infighting. I think a couple of conventions ago the Dems would not allow a pro life governor to give a speech. And these were the same democrats saying that the GOP was not inclusive in their convention. I think it is a perception problem than anything else.

THe party is much more inclusive than the liberals want to admit. I do not think the party would a good choice for "Social Liberal" but more moderates with some liberal positions one some issues are either joining the party or voting Republican.
Ahhh, moderation....PdxMark
Aug 22, 2003 11:17 AM
I was simplifying when describing the situation here.

Local-district Repubs tend to be pretty far right here, reflecting the right-wing control of the state GOP. State-wide it's very rare for a far-right Repub to get elected, but we've had some pretty good moderate Repubs. I may not always agree with them, but they've tended to be pretty consistent in their principles, and so pretty easy to respect.
Arnold will take itmickey-mac
Aug 21, 2003 8:33 PM
Davis will go down in flames on part 1 of the ballot and Arnold will take the second part of the ballot. Barring a court decision delaying the recall vote, nobody is going to be able to overcome Arnold's built-in name-recognition or money in less than two months.

I've never heard anything about white house involvement, and Bush has been completely silent on the recall issue. Although I'm sure the administration would love to see a Republican governor in California, it's probably nervous about similar efforts being made against Republicans in other states.

Issa dropped out because, despite spending a lot of his own money on the recall, even people in his own district didn't know who he was or what he has done other than fund the recall. On top of that, the press was digging up a lot of tidbits from his distant and recent past: car theft, illegal gun possession, claiming he was voted "entrepeneur of the year" when he was only a finalist in the San Diego region, etc.
This now-you-see-me-now-you-don't Left/RightOldEdScott
Aug 22, 2003 5:41 AM
dance Arnold's advisers have designed is masterful. It's materful enough to be designed by a certain Mr. Rove, in fact. Hmmmm.

Clearly, he'll need liberal votes to win een Cah-lee-forn- eeya. After the machinations of the past week, I'm betting enough bone-head liberals think he's really, at heart, a liberal to put him over the top.

I watched in awe as the Right, in on the scheme, feigned first worry about his apostasy, then a growing conviction that he was indeed 'seeing the light' and becoming a true conservative once Truth was 'splained to him. Vide: Limbaugh, Gingrich et all.

It's all very clever and enough to win, I think.

Pssst: Issa had a king-hell full-blown Skeleton in his closet. Nothing evil or criminal, but just one of those little things that make campaigns messy & unwinnable.
Arnold or Petermohair_chair
Aug 22, 2003 6:37 AM
Davis may be blamed for stuff he couldn't control, but that's the price he pays for taking credit for good stuff he couldn't control. It's the Faustian bargain all politicians have to make.

My guy is Arnold, mainly because I'm tired of politicians, and I see no harm in letting a "regular" guy try his hand for two years until the next election.

The other guy who interests me is Peter Uberroth, who is probably the best candidate of all, since he is a "regular" guy who has proven that he can manage huge projects (1984 Olympics, Baseball Commissioner, etc.) but for some reason hasn't made a bigger splash yet.

Bill Simon is a joke. The GOP didn't want him in the last election, and they don't want him now either. He only made it past the primary last time because Davis ignored him and concentrated on knocking out Riordan. Davis knew Simon was the weakest guy on the list, so he made sure Simon won the primary. Simon is already out there lying again, making outrageous claims that Arnold wants to triple property taxes. The guy is shady and desperate and pathetic, not exactly qualities I like in a governor.

Why would Bush be involved? Bush feels that California hates him, at least terms of voting for him and supporting him. That's why he hardly came here before the election and why he rarely comes here afterwards. Bush would be happiest of California fell into the sea.
marey carey by a ...., well, not her nose! ;)rufus
Aug 22, 2003 6:39 AM
issa dropped out cause once ahh-nuld entered, he knew he didn't have a shot. all that money and effort to seat himself on the throne, ruined.
re: Davis aligns with Bustamentejrm
Aug 22, 2003 6:43 AM
due to party pressure and Bustamente wins over arnold. Why? although Arnold has the popular vote right now many of those supports wont be voting where as bustamente will carry the union, hispanic, cross over and demo vote.
It would be a Hoot, if either porn candidate won.MR_GRUMPY
Aug 22, 2003 6:48 AM
They could represent California's biggest industry.
I would Bust out laughing. nmOldEdScott
Aug 22, 2003 7:01 AM
and they couldn't do any worse than Davis nmDougSloan
Aug 24, 2003 3:00 PM
The Terminator will crush the opposition...........rwbadley
Aug 22, 2003 7:57 AM
As long as he sticks to sound bites and doesn't allow Buffet to let the cat out of the bag RE:plans to mend the deficit.
Larry Flynt....Tri_Rich
Aug 22, 2003 8:37 AM promising "a Hummer in every garage!!"
Simon PULLED OUTDougSloan
Aug 23, 2003 4:11 PM
Simon's voters should go to Arnold.

Aug 23, 2003 9:56 PM
If Arnold or anyone else is elected, how long do we wait before we have another recall to replace the new Governor? We could have 3 or 4 new Governors every year from now on if this asinine recall passes.