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Illinois gets tough on doping(2 posts)

Illinois gets tough on dopingmohair_chair
Aug 14, 2003 6:57 AM
CHICAGO (Reuters) - In a doping scandal worthy of the Tour de France or the Olympics, Mongo, a 1,294-pound Maine-Anjou steer, was stripped of his title of champion of the junior division, state officials say.

Mongo was disqualified because he tested positive Tuesday for an anti-inflammatory drug. The runner-up Scooby, a 1,315-pound cross-breed, was crowned at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield.

Susan Gray, the mother of Mongo's 14-year-old owner, admitted she had not read the state fair's rules barring such performance-enhancing substances. She acknowledged the steer was given a drug for pain and swelling after he injured a leg when he slipped at an earlier showing.

Even Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich weighed in on the meaty matter. "If we discover that someone is cheating, whether they be human beings or cows, they're going to pay a price and they're going to have to meet the responsibility," he said.

The payoff for Scooby's owner, 17-year-old Brad Moritz, was $17,200 of the $21,500 that it sold for at an auction of the winner held every year. So, for Scooby, it means a date with the slaughterhouse.
My cow can beat your cow.Spoiler
Aug 14, 2003 2:59 PM
Anti-inflamitory? Not me. Hard work and healthy living are the key. Eat your vitamins, say your prayers, and no sex. Cows weaken legs.