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has anyone tried windsurfing?!(6 posts)

has anyone tried windsurfing?!rrjc5488
Aug 10, 2003 9:40 PM
OK, I'm 15 and i live on long island. I went windsurfing in the hamptons for a few hours, its AMAZING. If you like the water, you'll love it. Its better than cycling (JUST KIDDING). But seriously, if you have the chance to try it, definitly do it!! See ya out on the road (and maybe on the water!)
Aug 11, 2003 5:48 AM
When I was about your age, I was a big surfer, I was on the high school team and surfed in contests, I actually won 2 contests (my first and second contests) then I lost one and gave up contest surfing (this was all in South Africa), I then came to Florida and my Dad had a windsurfing business - so I got into windsurfing which was easy and I really enjoyed it. But I always prefered surfing.

Anyway the big rage is kite surfing now, you should try that (I have not).

I still have a surfboard, but I go sailing quite often now days. Any water sport is awesome, thats also why I got into triathlons.
yes, but I never could even stand up on the thing nmDougSloan
Aug 11, 2003 6:03 AM
Still carry the scarspitt83
Aug 12, 2003 8:53 AM
I had trouble getting up and keeping balance. I fell off and sheared my leg wide open on barnacles in dirty salt water. Not pleasant. Never again.
Yes. (nm)Skip
Aug 11, 2003 12:31 PM
Used to be way into it.PseuZQ
Aug 12, 2003 9:44 PM
Actually, the reason I got into cycling is because I got tired of a lot of the variablity associated with windsurfing. Like, you don't need to go back and change the size of your bike tires when conditions change.

Learned in Chicago, continued in do the occasional trip to Maui or Aruba to sail when I've got the dough (which in this craptastic economy hasn't been recently.)

I think it's even more expensive than cycling.

I'll go again soon though.