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Microsoft Outlook Issue - any help would be appreciated...(2 posts)

Microsoft Outlook Issue - any help would be appreciated...TJeanloz
Aug 1, 2003 5:36 AM
O.K. so I'm completely stumped on this one, but maybe somebody here knows what I'm doing wrong.

A former colleague of mine archived a series of his e-mails into a personal folder file (.pst) which only Microsoft Outlook knows what to do with. I once was able to open these archived e-mails by going file:open:personal folder file, and the messages would magically appear in my "archive folder".

Now when I try to open in the same manner, the "archive folder" does a little blink, but no messages appear. I know there are messages in this .pst file - because I've seen them before and it is 22 megabytes of file (so, presumably there's something in those 22MBs). My assumption is that I have changed some setting, which is preventing me from seeing these messages.

I would appreciate advice on this from anybody who has any idea what I'm talking about (because I clearly have no idea). I'm completely at my wits' end though...
re: Microsoft Outlook Issue - any help would be appreciated...michaelcford
Aug 1, 2003 6:17 AM
I thought you imported an archive.

not at work so I can't check it out.