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An SUV with a swimming pool ...(2 posts)

An SUV with a swimming pool ...Humma Hah
Jul 31, 2003 1:28 PM
I was looking for a pic I'd seen here before, a semi tractor converted to a SUV, to post in the Hummer Parody topic below. I searched for "world's largest SUV" and all sorts of horrid things popped up.

Chrysler has a rigid-bed truck they've been considering making as an SUV that is almost as dumb as what I describe above.

But Ford took the cake. No pic of the actual vehicle, which I'm hoping is hypothetical, but they apparently show a tire from the vehicle from which it would be derived, in the site below.

"Ford has just introduced the world's largest SUV, the Himalayan. This beast comes fully equipped with a seating capacity of 405 and a 306-liter engine. Standard features include 6 full size swimming pools, a Marriott, a 3-car garage for your smaller vehicles and a Ford dealership. Don't let the spaciousness fool you; it averages .6 miles/gallon (.92 on the highway) and stickers at only $1,428,636.99. Several leasing plans are available, including the "family plan" which stretches payments into manageable terms of $18,276 /month over 360 months. Stop by and check one out today! See your Ford dealer for details."
you're out of control ;-) nmDougSloan
Jul 31, 2003 1:32 PM