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This guy should open a practice with Kevorkian...(1 post)

This guy should open a practice with Kevorkian...ClydeTri
Jul 29, 2003 7:23 AM
Edinburgh bans dead skinless child show from festival

Councillors have scuppered plans for a macabre Edinburgh Festival exhibition featuring a dead skinless child.

Edinburgh City Council refused to approve the show by controversial German Professor Gunther von Hagens in one of the city's major public parks.

The anatomy expert has been trying to find somewhere in Edinburgh to display the skinless preserved bodies of a dead infant and three adults.

A spokeswoman said: "The City of Edinburgh Council has not approved the application to hold the Body Works Exhibition in Princes Street Garden.

"The proposed exhibition has the potential to give offence to some visitors. Therefore we believe it is not appropriate to grant approval for this exhibition to be staged in the gardens."

Professor von Hagens has sparked outrage across the world with his displays of plastinated human bodies - but they have also proved very popular.

His requests to stage his Body Worlds show in the Scottish capital later this week have already been turned down by several institutions.

He had hoped it would coincide with the opening at the Fringe of a musical black comedy, Corpus, which was inspired by the German's gory work.

Professor von Hagens will play violin on stage with the cast of Corpus at C Venues tomorrow night, and will hold a debate on the ethics of Body Worlds on Thursday.

For this tour, beginning in Edinburgh, Professor von Hagens wants to recruit people willing to make a posthumous appearance in his macabre show.