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You folks in NY must be awfully proud of Charlie Rangel.(9 posts)

You folks in NY must be awfully proud of Charlie Rangel.94Nole
Jul 23, 2003 10:08 AM
Please help me understand how killing the Hussein Bros. is an assassination?


The U.S. acted illegally when its soldiers attacked and killed Uday and Qusay Hussein, a leading Democratic congressman complained on Tuesday, before mocking the military maneuver that succeeded in eliminating the brutal duo.

"We have a law on the books that the United States should not be assassinating anybody," Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., told Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes."

"We tried to assassinate Castro and we paid dearly for it," Rangel contended. "And when you personalize the war and you say you're killing someone's kids, then they, in turn, think they can kill somebody."

When an incredulous Sean Hannity expressed dismay at Rangel's comments, the Harlem Democrat shot back: "How can you get so much satisfaction that two bums have been killed? We got bums all over the world and some in the United States."

Then Rangel mocked the U.S. military's success in killing the two Hussein heirs, saying, "I personally don't get any satisfaction that it takes 200,000 troops, 250,000 troops, to knock off two bums."
There are dopes of every political ilk..........nmMR_GRUMPY
Jul 23, 2003 10:45 AM
Charlie Rangel is an old foolLive Steam
Jul 23, 2003 12:56 PM
I guess he failed to realize that they were fugatives and wanted for war crimes and crimes against humanity. This is typical of the left though. They chum up with the likes of Castro, claim to be good Americans and supporters of human rights and call the right narrow minded jingoists for wanting to topple despots who are brutal killers.
Commies, is what they are. nmOldEdScott
Jul 24, 2003 8:28 AM
How passe53T
Jul 24, 2003 1:11 PM
Rangles economic views are very socialistic, and his views on the central role of the federal government in controlling every aspect of American life is somewhat similar to the centrally planned, nationalized economy of the Soviet Union. However, it is soooooo 90's to call him a Commie. Besides there are plenty of US reps and Senators who could qualifiy as Commies, but that in itself doesn't make them bad people.
No, just Treasonous. Ask Steam, he'll tell you. nmOldEdScott
Jul 25, 2003 5:54 AM
Charlie's lost the plot.Sintesi
Jul 23, 2003 1:46 PM
He's actually pretty smart and like most politicians actually has a good idea or two but this time his partisanship has got the best of him. I think his extreme dislike of Bush pushes him to such ludicrous polemics. He's being contrary. (my new favorite word)

Plus he's old and crotchety.
Rangle smart?53T
Jul 24, 2003 5:34 AM
Yes, this guy certainly has a high IQ. His problem is not his intellignece. His problem is that he is an evil man. His policies would lead to the undoing of centuries of progress in good government, if we let out guard down and allow him some room to operate.

Charlie Rangle is cut from the same cloth as Alton Maddix, Al sharpton and Hillary Clinton, evil to the bone. I'm from NYC, and no we are not proud of Rangle.
Smart but evil, eh?Sintesi
Jul 24, 2003 6:39 PM
I don't think he's evil by any stretch of the imagination. He's a careerist politician and while that definitely compromises an individual from time to time I don't think Charlie means ill. Pomposity and arrogance are common enough vices amongst powerful politicians. WHat else is new? He's done some good things for Harlem along the way. lower utility rates for the poor. Low income housing projects, tax relief, parks, business revitalization plans that are actually doing some good up on the north end of town. He does what politicians do. He panders to his constituency. I don't think he's unusually bad. Certainly not evil.