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It's getting bloody out there.(1 post)

It's getting bloody out there.Spoiler
Jul 18, 2003 3:56 PM
Geez, I turn on the OLN before the Tour and I see the rodeo show PBR Total Bull. This week's show is a compilation of clips of the worse "wrecks" or tramplings caught on film.
Geez, it's like a NFL highlight film of the greatest catches, this has the greatest bull-on-man violence.

Horns knocking men out, men with their hands caught in the rope get their skulls crushed by a flailing horn. etc. Men lieing unconscious on the ground while a bull makes a 2nd and 3rd pass. All the while, some happy-azz announcer is cheerily calling the play-by-play.
"Wooopie Daisy there Cody. Looks like you're gonna get the bonus ride from 'Ol Grumpy'! Hang in there buddy."

After that show comes "The Running of the Bulls." We get to see footage of a guy getting his thigh slit wide open by a sharp horn of a spanish bull. The blood on the cobbles makes the other bulls skate right on by.

Turn on the news and old people are driving cars into crowds of people, Kobe's about to donate next year's salary to some lucky young lady's "Let's keep this out of court" fund, the war............

Thank God for the 2003 Tour de France