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Real Men Don't Worry About Deficits(2 posts)

Real Men Don't Worry About Deficitsczardonic
Jul 17, 2003 2:33 PM
    "The shocking mix of fiscal madness and duplicity President Bush unveiled on July 15 with his updated budget is more than depressing. It shows this Bush to be a thousand times less responsible a national steward than his father.

    The deterioration in the nation's fiscal outlook since Bush took office is stunning. In April 2001 the Bush White House forecast a surplus of $334 billion for this year. On July 15 it announced the deficit would instead be $455 billion.

    That's a swing of $789 billion in just two years. Bush says next year the deficit will rise to $478 billion -- and that's before taking full account of the ongoing costs of Iraq and Afghanistan. Over a decade, the change from the projected surpluses Bush inherited to the deficits he now expects is roughly $9 trillion. . . ."

Question: If conservatives think that ballooning the deficit so that they can claim with greater plausibility that we can't afford things like Social Security and Medicare is such a hot idea, why don't they say as much and let the voters decide? Surely they can make a convincing case for abandoning these programs, and surely they have a rock solid alternatives to offer. Right?
Your major premise is dead wrong.Spoke Wrench
Jul 18, 2003 5:25 AM
You are assuming that the borrow and spend Republicans that we've seen since Regan are conservatives.