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Have MP3 player, need expertise on ripping CD's(2 posts)

Have MP3 player, need expertise on ripping CD'sBreakfast
Jun 28, 2003 4:06 PM
Following a recent discussion here at RBR I recently bought a Frontier Labs NEX lle MP3 player and I would like to get music off my CD's and convert tracks to MP3 format with a utility on my PC. I might also want to explore some of the free MP3's available on the Web for downloading.

My question is what's the best free utility available as a download off the internet and what's the best for purchase?

Also, a brief description of how the process goes. Please.
Anything will workKristin
Jun 29, 2003 5:20 PM
There are tons of free applications available. We use Roxio--which came bundled with out burner--I'm not sure if its free, but its easy to use. The process of ripping and converting is pretty basic, anything you download should be easy to use and self-intuitive.

Free music. I don't advocate stealing music so I recommend Napster--who's now on the up and up. But you are hell bent on free music, then Kazah (sp?).