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diversity(16 posts)

Jun 18, 2003 6:27 AM
Sitting at an intersection on the urban periphery this morning, what do I see? A Harley, a Volvo sedan with bicycle roof rack, a huge tricked out 4x4, a roadie in full team duds, a classic low rider (not a slammed Asian import, but a Chevy), and an older man with long white beard, plaid Bermuda shorts, sandals, walking a Siberian Husky, and wearing a red turban. I kid you not.

When you come to San Diego,sn69
Jun 18, 2003 6:53 AM
you'll have to have a liesurely breakfast at least once at one of the many fine establishments along Mission/Sail Bay so that you can see The Flash, a local lawyer who roller skates (not blades) every day in some rather imaginative outfits. My favortie was (is?) his Global Diversity outfit, namely a globe cut in half with each section strategically placed to cover his naughty bits. Supposedly his wife makes the outfits.

Now, THAT'S diversity......
You gotta love freedom and liberty in all its wacky forms nmContinental
Jun 18, 2003 7:13 AM
there's something really wrong with thatmohair_chair
Jun 18, 2003 7:25 AM
Why do people keep arctic dogs in places where it gets up to 100 degrees?
I hear ya.No_sprint
Jun 18, 2003 7:40 AM
I've always wanted a Great Pyrenees but in SoCal? Nope. I know of some people in Oklahoma who have a Saint Bernard... wrong, at least in the summer.
had oneDougSloan
Jun 18, 2003 7:54 AM
I had one here in college. They grow up with it and are used to the heat. Plus, it's dry, probably easier on the dog in 100 degrees here than 80 in the midwest. Just give them plenty of water and shade.

The mandatory high-desert dog shave...Silverback
Jun 18, 2003 8:48 AM
Where I live in the eastern Sierra, winters often go to zero or below, but summers are in the high 90s. I've never seen this anywhere else, but it's very common for people to shave their wooly-coated, northern-type dogs in about April. It takes care of the shedding problem (which otherwise lasts until September, when they start growing their winter coats back), and people say the dogs are more comfortable.
Our vet doesn't like it for our collie or shepherd--sunburn is a big risk, and there's apparently a self-image issue, plus nights can be close to freezing even in summer. I never thought of dogs as having much of a self-image, but their behavior can change dramatically after the haircut--they get timid, cower under furniture or in their kennels etc.
As an experiment this spring, I used a guide on the clippers and took our old collie down to about an inch and a half all over. Didn't seem to bother him, got rid of a lot of matted hair (his coat can be six inches long, a daily chore to groom), and he's a lot easier to take care of. I don't have the heart to really shave him.
something I heardDougSloan
Jun 18, 2003 8:50 AM
Sounds goofy, but I heard that the fur can actually insulate the dogs *from* the heat, and since they only "sweat" through their mouth, shaving doesn't help. Never confirmed this, though.

heard the same thing--it's why I only went halfway...(NM)Silverback
Jun 18, 2003 4:51 PM
something I never understoodmohair_chair
Jun 18, 2003 9:02 AM
I've been all over Alaska, and it does get hot there in summer as long as you don't go too far north. It's not Fresno, but I'm sure the dog can handle it. Still, as much as I love Huskies and Malamutes, I'll only get one if I live somewhere close to their normal environment. The SF Bay Area isn't it!

I saw a special on a polar bear cub, I think at the Denver zoo. It was the cutest thing you could ever see. Just adorable. Anyway, I forget the details, but Denver couldn't keep it anymore, so they sent it to another zoo. In Florida. Florida! Hot and humid, just like the native environment of polar bears. They didn't build a special "cool" pen, either, which makes me wonder about the compassion of some zoo keepers. If polar bears had any business being in Florida, they would have walked there themselves.
Was that Warner Bros Blvd? Funny. Zoos and circuses blow128
Jun 18, 2003 10:59 AM
for our animal friends. Unless strictly for conservation purposes we need to 'leave wild animals alone.' (proper hunting acceptable in my book. it's the giant inhumane feed lot industrial kill factories and "pet shpos" that need to stop. buy local kill.) Wild animals are not pets or captive curiosities. How Victorian and quaint a notion of dominion over nature. Good luck holding back the tide. Even Noah went with the flow. People who treat dogs badly deserve some tough republican love. We rescued the neighbors Dalmatian after watching her staked out back for two years, day and night barking. Why do stupid, ignorant people have dogs? Dals do not grow fat and fur for the winter. Be kind to animals. Great New Yorker article on the woman who sttarted PETA. I recall the quote: "I love guns and meat." She has an interesting story.

end rant.
because the dogs can easily adapt....94Nole
Jun 18, 2003 11:15 AM
most stay inside (except when being walked) in the AC anyway.
what you <i>really</i> saw ...sacheson
Jun 18, 2003 10:32 AM
A Harley = senior partner in a law firm.

a Volvo sedan with bicycle roof rack = image conscious yuppie who doesn't ride (that is, if the Volvo is new)

huge tricked out 4x4 = some guy who shares no family reseblance to John Holmes

roadie in full team duds = poor, nearly homeless guy chasing an economically fruitless dream (hats off to him) The Harley guy's partner in his practice.

classic low rider (not a slammed Asian import, but a Chevy) = RRRRAAAAAALLLLLLLPPPPPPHHHHHHH, man. (ref: Up In Smoke)

older man with long white beard, plaid Bermuda shorts, sandals, walking a Siberian Husky, and wearing a red turban = professor of mathematics ... if he is wearing black socks and a Hawaiian shirt, then it's that freaking a$$hole Com Sci prof. that expected us to be compiling Fortran code on the second day of an intro to programming class!

Jeesh. Sounds like you live in Cali or something! ;-)
funny; could be true nmDougSloan
Jun 18, 2003 12:22 PM
LOL so true re: tricked out 4x4 nmJS Haiku Shop
Jun 19, 2003 9:18 AM
diverse but not unusualJS Haiku Shop
Jun 19, 2003 9:35 AM
my take on sacheson's response...

-what you really saw, in memphis-

harley: yep, either a corporate exec, a doc, well-to-do lawyer, or a guy who's been riding that harley since 1965 and would just as soon kick your teeth in as light another Kool Filter King (he's probably been up since yesterday)

volvo w/roof rack: could be anything. probably a corporate exec with a bad bike habit, spoiled teenager (new car), professional college student (or professor), or just somebody who drives a volvo and rides

tricked out 4x4: 90% chance it's a spoiled upper middle-class teen, and the back of the truck is littered with empty beer cans. has huge expensive knobby tires but sees 98% of its miles/time on the road.

roadie in team duds: that would be RBR poster "Wonderdog" commuting to work in full team kit in the rain on his fixie (or me, cause i've called in sick). several local shops also have early AM group rides.

classic chevy low rider: we live in a new neighborhood. many of the guys building the houses have tricked out modified cars & trucks, some classic, but make barely minimum wage. most don't speak any english. i've never been able to figure this out. just an observation, not a judgement or accusation.

eccentric older man: ya never know.

in memphis, you would also have seen a Hummer H2, two ford f150s, one diesel king cab dualie, nine ford expeditions, and a 1983 ford escort 2-door covered in dents, with mismatched body panels, rusted pipe, no license plate, cracked windshield, poorly applied window tint, $5000 tires and rims, and a bumpin' subwoofer, at that same stoplight. and a completely empty public bus.

diversity thrives anywhere it is not opposed by the state. where is opposed by "authority", it survives, but only just. things like this are likely in any major or semi-major metro area. they're also likely in "designer" small towns. i wouln't expect to see this eclectic mix in "downtown" marine, illinois, though.