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My ears are still ringing (Buzzcocks report)(4 posts)

My ears are still ringing (Buzzcocks report)mickey-mac
Jun 8, 2003 2:53 PM
So, we went to the Buzzcocks last night at the infamous Viper Room. Going to a show where I didn't feel 15 years over average age was a nice start. The opening band was Billy Talent out of Ontario, Canada. The singer had a crazed intensity that was reminiscent of Iggy Pop with that searing stare made famous by Johny Rotten-Lydon. They play with a lot of intensity but can't be lumped in with the angry white boy stuff that's so prevalent these days. They have a distinctive sound and might make something of themselves.

The Buzzcocks took the stage at about 11:00 p.m. The original rythm section has been replaced by two younger fellows who were pretty tight. When the house lights went up, my first impression was that Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle looked friggin ancient and flabby. I'm suddenly feeling even older than I already did. They kicked off with a couple of songs from Singles Going Steady. In fact, probably half the songs in the set were from that album (Noise Annoys, What Do I Get, Harmony in my Head, Oh $hit, Promises, Orgasm Addict, Autonomy (dedicated to Joe Strummer), and some other older stuff thrown in: I Believe, Why She's a Girl from the Chain Store, Fast Cars, Love Battery. Thoughout the show, they scattered in some newer stuff but passed on the Shelley solo stuff Like Homo Sapien (fortunately, IMHO). Anyhow, they ended with Ever Fallen in Love, one of their best.

If I had closed my eyes, I would have sworn it was 1978. They sounded absolutely great. Steve Diggle was the real spark of the group, with Shelly moping around a bit and generally seeming aloof, despite his terrific guitar work and singing. All in all it was a very good show, but I'm wondering how long 40 year old ears take to recover from a very loud show at a very small club. I'd see them again and would encourage anyone who was a fan of the old Buzzcocks stuff to catch the live show.
re: My ears are still ringing (Buzzcocks report)The Walrus
Jun 8, 2003 8:47 PM
If your young ears are still ringing, I'd probably be deaf as a post now if I'd gone. Glad it turned out well, but I think I'd have been disappointed by the personnel revisions, regardless of how good the newbies were. Maher was such a kick@ss drummer (what Keith Moon shoulda been--frenzy
i and
control) that I couldn't have accepted a substitute.
Suff cotton in your ears...Alexx
Jun 9, 2003 5:19 AM
Considering how many Ramones concerts I used to attend, I'm glad I always stuffed cotton inside my ears. It sure takes the edge off those really loud concerts. I've still got my hearing intact.
tech rider53T
Jun 9, 2003 9:13 AM
As an old stage hand (older than you) I must point out that the house lights are the ones where the audience sits. They go up at the end of the show.