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OldEd's back! If you see my name here* before June 30...(5 posts)

OldEd's back! If you see my name here* before June 30...cory
Jun 6, 2003 9:00 AM
...come to my house and shoot me right in the head. I've got a lot of work to do, and wading through this board puts me off my feed for the rest of the day.
Meanwhile, OldEd speaks for me. Whether he likes it or not.

*Non-Cycling only--I'm still allowed to push Brooks saddles and bar-end shifters.
I notice you filled in ably for me in my absence. Thanks! nmOldEdScott
Jun 6, 2003 9:03 AM
Glad you are back, Ed!Dale Brigham
Jun 6, 2003 10:06 AM
It's been pretty depressing here since you went away.

Let us go forth and spread the gospel of bar-end shifters, Brooks saddles, lugged steel frames, and Lefty-Liberality. Likewise, let us decry the evils of STI, multi-colored plastic seats, 'luminum bikes, and Righty-Reactionariness.

I await your command, Comrade, and hoist a glass of Jim Beam to your glorious return.

Right now I'm trying some revisionist tinkeringOldEdScott
Jun 6, 2003 10:20 AM
with Kelly Take Offs on the Miyata.

Also: Note re: Miyata: It just passed the 30,000 mile mark in its young (17 year) lifetime, courtesy an untied-down odometer-magnet wheel that spun madly on the trunk rack throughout the 612-mile drive back from Destin!
taking a few shots on the way out, though? ;-) nmDougSloan
Jun 6, 2003 9:36 AM