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Have we done this political quiz yet?? & CanBill WaltonSTFU?(3 posts)

Have we done this political quiz yet?? & CanBill WaltonSTFU?128
Jun 5, 2003 8:49 AM
With a little engineering from central command, I came out just as expected: centrist! (but don't hold me to it. ; )

Other thoughts since last we emoticoned:

-Walton was great as a player. But is it just me, or is that old stoner just a lousey color man? Holy cow. Watching the over-commercialed NBA finals last night (give me hockey...anyday) If he'd just take a breath once in a while...And so critical of every court decision he supposes a player or coach is making. I'm all for the 1st A but can we limit this guy to his fair share of it...geesh.

-I can't find the story on the Taco Bell chihuaua suit. Two guys won a suit regarding an oral contract that Taco Smell would use the 'yo quiero TB' concept but then just stole it! I think 'binding' oral contracts make for way cool legal analysis. Anyone find that story?

-now back to our regularly scheduled program:

"You Marxist Mackerel! It's MY money!"
"You fascist gnat! It's about US man!"
"Does your head shop carry steel or ti-bacco screens?"
Hey...where's my taco??PaulCL
Jun 5, 2003 10:00 AM
The story on the "leetel doggee" can be found at

Bill opinion. I can't stand NBA. Now college hoods is a whole other game...go Cincinnati and UK Wildcats!

Your quiz said I was a Libertarian. So is that quiz sponsored by the libertarian party??? I don't think I'm a libertarian....
Confiscated for the good of society; signed, Lefty-Liberal (nm)Dale Brigham
Jun 5, 2003 12:18 PM