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Oh, Annika...(8 posts)

Oh, Annika...eschelon
May 30, 2003 12:54 PM
Some of you may remember a thread a few days ago regarding Annika in the Colonial golf game. Many voiced displeasure and many did not in her endeavour. I was pro and nay for the spectacle...more pro though for the morbid curiousity of destroying many men's egos and also her personal crash...I know...sick.

Although she did not make the cut by 4 strokes...I found myself not looking down at her or women's golfing. More so, I found myself giving proper respect to this sportsman...not sportswomen...sportsman. I find that because she had the courage to simply go beyond herself and her little niche world that she carved out for herself into the unknown and managed to conduct herself very well, she accomplished something well beyond winning the Colonial. She said she did her best...and I believe her. But by no means did she ever concede that she sucked compared to the men...she didn't concede anything...bravo!

As she played that tournament it seemed all that most people cared about was seeing her do her best...yeah, she was a women playing with the big boys in the boys club...this little detail became secondary to me...all I saw was this person who was definitely a fish out of water and didn't sufficate.

And amazingly, as Martha Burke exclaimed that Annika was doing a dis-service to women's sports and golf by wanting to play with the men, Annika only brought more positive attention and interest in women's golf and women's sports (to al limited degree).

Annika is definitely BAD-A55! She has definitely taught me plenty!
re: Oh, Annika...Starliner
May 30, 2003 5:01 PM
I supported her effort because she did it for all the right reasons - she's a golfer, and for her it was all about the game, and how good she could be at it. She saw the Colonial as a personal test, which it was. She brought along to the tournament a positive energy level which earned her a lot of support and respect, irregardless of the result.

Had she operated from a feminist, anti-male stance, however, I would have strongly opposed her doing the Colonial.
funny thing isDougSloan
Jun 2, 2003 6:41 AM
From what I read, the her weakness was putting. The rest of the game was ok.

It sure got the sport a lot of publicity. People who probably haven't watched golf in their entire lives (me) tuned in a little to see what was happening. They should do it more often.

I have no problem with her doing whatever she wants. Except maybe for some endorsements, she'll make a lot more money with the ladies, though.

funny thing isClydeTri
Jun 2, 2003 9:45 AM
From my golf buddies apparently the PGA has much faster greens...there is a measuring system, forget what it is called, but women usually put on 7-8 greens, men on 11-12 greens in pro play. It would take time and lots of practice to make the transistion i guess, women should be able to put with men, as it is finesse, not strength.
I did not know that. Thanks. nmDougSloan
Jun 2, 2003 9:51 AM
asked..called a STEMP METER....moreClydeTri
Jun 2, 2003 10:11 AM
and the LPGA tour usually has greens a couple numbers lower than PGA tour, not only would this affect putting, but, it would effect shots chipped onto the green obviously. With respect to Annika, hitting longer irons than the men onto the greens, she wouild have a harder time controlling the ball since they are using short irons with more backspin...
only driving was discussed before hand, wasn't it? nmDougSloan
Jun 2, 2003 10:13 AM
only driving was discussed before hand, wasn't it? nmClydeTri
Jun 2, 2003 10:46 AM
guess so, my point being, if she drives 260 and the guys 280, she has to hit at least an extra club, which makes the faster greens harder to hold.