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Win $1 billion(2 posts)

Win $1 billionmohair_chair
May 30, 2003 8:32 AM
Have you seen these ads on TV? Pepsi is giving you the chance to win $1 billion. I figured this can't be true, because the shareholders would never approve of giving away $1 billion. That's going to affect the bottom line.

I did some research (, and it is true. Pepsi wisely contracted with an insurer (Berkshire Hathaway, Inc), so Pepsi won't have to pay the billion dollars, but I wonder what the cost of that policy is, and how the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc are going to feel if they have to pay off! I feel chapter 11 coming on!

Anyway, the deal is there is a sweepstakes, and maybe you get a special game piece that allows you to attend an undescribed "Event." At this event you will compete for $1 billion. Okay, so now I figure this event has got to be pretty hard to win $1 billion. I figure it has to be harder than the Tour de France. I figure the insurer insisted that it be impossible!

So then I get to the part about payout. If you win the billion, it's paid over 40 years. You get $5 million per year for each of years 1 through 20; $10 million per year for each of years 21 through 39 and a lump sum payment of $710 million in year 40! Or you can take a lump sum payment of $250 million now.

(Gee, I wonder which option I would take? Like I'm going to wait 40 years...)

So, let's theorize on what the "Event" will be. A spelling bee? Simultaneous translation of dead languages? Hot dog eating contest?
Ah, but can I really win 50 pounds of free lobsters?Kristin
May 30, 2003 9:43 AM
I love lobster, so I couldn't resist clicking on the banner when I could win 50 POUNDS of free lobster. Now that's alotta crustation.

I checked out their website and they had a picture of the previous winner. She one the lobster while on a breif sabatical from her modeling career. Luckily she had this snapshop laying around. (Though I was tempted to claim this is my photo in order to keep Mohairs fantasy life going strong.)

It also contained their privacy policy:

Welcome to is one of numerous products and services that are owned and operated by, Inc. is a leader in performance-based marketing for interactive advertisers and publishers.

If you enter the Contest offered by, you will be providing with personally-identifiable information about yourself. By entering the Contest you are (i) agreeing to provide registration information to, Inc. ("Sponsor") as the Sponsor of the Contest and, (ii) provided you take advantage of marketing opportunities offered by Sponsor's third party marketing partners on the Contest "Thank You" pages or in later email offers delivered by Sponsor, authorizing Sponsor to share your full registration information with its third party marketing partner(s) for their use in marketing to you. All personally identifiable information that is submitted in connection with the Contest shall become the property of Sponsor and may be used by Sponsor in the future for marketing or other purposes. Sponsor's privacy statement further explains how they use your information, who they share it with, and how they protect it. Please review Sponsor's privacy policy at in order to see how they treat personally identifiable information. If you take advantage of marketing opportunities offered by one or more of Sponsor's third party marketing partners, your submitted personally identifiable information will also become the property of such third party marketing partner and we recommend that you review each of the marketing partners' privacy policies to understand how they treat such information."