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Speaking of employment, Charlotte/Western NC Questions(4 posts)

Speaking of employment, Charlotte/Western NC Questionstxcross
May 22, 2003 6:35 AM
A little over two years ago I was recruited by a "wonderful" company based in Houston TX that is now Bankrupt. Luckily I avoided the massive layoffs and have been gainfully employed since. Anyway, I am done with this and am looking at getting back to North Carolina. I spent 7 years there while in school at NC State and absolutely love that area of the country.

So here is my question, what is the job market like back there? Any good resources and/or headhunters anyone can recommend.
re: Speaking of employment, Charlotte/Western NC QuestionsCARBON110
May 22, 2003 4:38 PM
Go to which covers all of NC. Let me know what you want to do and might be able to help. Welcome back !
re: Speaking of employment, Charlotte/Western NC Questionstxcross
May 23, 2003 6:40 AM
Here's a little background. I have been in the energy services business for the last 4+ years. Started out analyzing electric and gas utility tariffs and then moved my way into billing/invoicing operational analysis. Basically I helped to design systems that would interact with utility data systems to aid the billing of deregulated electricity and gas.

Then we went bankrupt thanks to a greedy CFO (can you figure out who I work for) Since filling for bankruptcy I have done a little bit of everything. I ran the inventorying of all surplus assets in support of auctions. Designed a database that would track which of the many bankrupt companies originally purchased the asset and then apply the auction selling price to the appropriate group of creditors. Now I'm managing the logistics for all of our document retention/production needs, boy there are allot of lawsuits going on right now.

Prior to energy I spent about a year selling and marketing software for a small company in Cary, NC. While in college (NC State Mathematics) was assistant manager of some apartment complexes in Raleigh.

What am I looking for? Anything that will get me back to good ole NC. Actually anything that involves data analysis, process improvement, database design (not creation), etc...

By the way, thanks for the reply. I just booked flights yesterday for a week and a half on the outer banks!!! Cannot wait till July 4th. If your near the coast check out a small town called Belhaven. They have a great celebration every year.

If you would like to take this offline email me at tblanks(at)kingwoodcable(dot)com
re: Speaking of employment, Charlotte/Western NC QuestionsCARBON110
May 23, 2003 4:08 PM
Sounds good,

I will talk to some people here who know everyone and pass the word. I wont be surprised if you find a decent job with your experience...if I do I will email immedialty....give me a couple of days and I will send you some information