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A Cautionary Tale(1 post)

A Cautionary TaleNiemand
May 20, 2003 1:32 AM
For all of you merrily downloading your MP3s with peer to peer software, here's a happy little tale from Germany.
Lured by the possibilities of 'free' music two of my colleagues downloaded and installed WinMX.
Much music was downloaded, during the day, overnight, at weekends.
All was well, until our sysadmin finally noticed all the traffic to and from our server on whatever port WinMX uses at all times of the day and night. Further investigation showed all this traffic originated from a certain computer.
The upshot of this was that my esteemed colleagues now face a bill of about $2000 for all the bandwidth they have been using.
All of a sudden, those 'free' MP3s of dubious quality ain't looking that cheap anymore.
Moral of this story? Insert your own.