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Tennis, anyone?!? Seeking opinions on good(3 posts)

Tennis, anyone?!? Seeking opinions on goodRhodyRider
May 13, 2003 12:56 PM
rackets under $75, and also favorite grips (i.e. Gamma, etc.) Shopping right now, and not sure if I want to spend the bucks on new, or re-grip and re-string my old Yamaha.
Thanks in advance for the usual level of expert feedback....!!
is there a good racquet shop in your town?ColnagoFE
May 14, 2003 7:13 AM
I'd look into getting a demo. For $75 you probably aren't gonna get the top of the line, but you'll get lots more racquet than if you buy new. I have an old Prince Blast Mid which I like a lot--don't really like super oversized personally having learned on a standard racquet, but my dad who is really into tennis always has the newest stuff and I've tried his high end Wilson Hammmers and they are sweet. Super light as well and almost too powerful for me. What type of player are you? I think restringing with high quality syn gut and regripping your current racquet might make more sense financially. Gammas are OK grips...those are the ones that slip over right?
Yep, it seems the $75 price point is no-man's land in termsRhodyRider
May 14, 2003 10:55 AM
of rackets. After doing some more net research, I'm finding that there are the "Sports Authority" & wallymart stock models for $30 and under (which don't actually seem half bad these days...) and then it leaps to the $125 and up hot-rod models.
For my use, which is strictly recreational anymore, I'll probably be fine with a restring and regrip.
I will check into a demo if I can find a good tennis shop around my town. Heck, the Int'l Tennis Hall of Fame is right over in Newport, perhaps they can help me! :-))