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The $10 Million dollar stripper...(14 posts)

The $10 Million dollar stripper...ClydeTri
May 6, 2003 9:59 AM
this is destiny stahl, the stripper that cost Mike Price his $10 million dollar contract at University Alabama..for ten mil, couldnt he have done better?
okay to open..just a head shot, no pun intended (nm)ClydeTri
May 6, 2003 10:08 AM
re: The $10 Million dollar stripper...jaybird
May 6, 2003 11:09 AM
That guy was an idiot anyway... I am a huge Bama fan and I was not looking forward to him as the coach. He had a sketchy moral reputation before he was hired...

ROLL TIDE!!! Bring back the Bear!
What sketchy moral reputation are you talking about?nmchopper
May 6, 2003 11:49 AM
What sketchy moral reputation are you talking about?nmjaybird
May 6, 2003 12:34 PM
There were a few similar instances when he was at Washington St.
Sketchy moral reputation--should help recruitingContinental
May 7, 2003 10:47 AM
But getting caught is the problem. Plenty of shenanagins are silently condoned in big time college sports, until the perpatrator is caught.
sketchy moral reputation?Steve98501
May 6, 2003 2:17 PM
I'm a Husky, so I never followed the Cougars as closely. However, I always thought Mike Price was considered about as solid as they come. I've never heard of the slightest tarnish to his reputation as WSU's football coach. Of course, in the Pacific NW, visiting a topless bar, along with most aspects of personal life, is irrelevant to a person's job, provided it isn't on company time. Alabama's loss; likely someone else's gain, is my take on it.
Looks like someone broke the ugly stick over her face! nmempacher6seat
May 6, 2003 3:20 PM
Are you sure that's a "her"?!!! Puts the "ug" in ugly. nmMatno
May 6, 2003 3:32 PM
All I see is her mom. (nm)Captain Morgan
May 6, 2003 7:04 PM
Carmela Soprano is now a stripper?!? (nm)RhodyRider
May 7, 2003 5:48 AM
She's a stripper, faces don't countSpoiler
May 7, 2003 11:46 AM
Otherwise, the "stage" would put them at face level.
Now tell me what did he do that would affect his ability to coach a basketball team? How many people who were involved in the decision to not hire him have set foot in a strip bar?
Strip bars are legal. Are we judging his ability to lawfully coach a team or the morality of strip clubs?
She's a stripper, faces don't countClydeTri
May 8, 2003 4:54 AM
there is/was a morality clause in the contract that basically said as a public figure he couldnt bring bad publicity on the university, which he did. (live in alabama)
Bible Belt, too nmDougSloan
May 8, 2003 6:19 AM