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Favorite Elvis Costello Song(6 posts)

Favorite Elvis Costello SongIFTreedog
May 3, 2003 10:32 AM
So the guy is marrying Diana Krall...okay, and he just got into the R&R Hall of Fame...alright, and When I Was Cruel was a really good album....yeah, but does he have any fans HERE?

My vote is for Watching the Detectives....but Blue Chair, American Without Tears and Episode of Blonde are right up there...

...go ahead folks...
re: Favorite Elvis Costello Songmickey-mac
May 3, 2003 10:46 AM
I've always liked "Let Him Dangle." If memory serves, it was on "Spike." OTOH, it's hard not to like "Pump it Up." My buddies on our high school basketball team convinced the administators to let them play the song full-blast while they did pre-game warm-ups. When a lot of people were still listening to stuff like Toto, it really threw some people for a loop: especially the opposing teams' parents.
re: Favorite Elvis Costello Songnova
May 3, 2003 2:51 PM
Saw him last summer on the When I Was Cruel tour. Amazing. He was the "Artist in Residence" at UCLA until recently.

Useless Beauty is a great song.
Imperial Bedroom is wonderful.Sintesi
May 3, 2003 7:10 PM
Great great lyrics. Peak moment for him. Beyond Belief is a great song on it.
Shabby Doll from Imperial Bedroom (nm)gregario
May 5, 2003 6:19 AM
Almost Blue or Good Year for the Roses, can't decide. (nm)eyebob
May 5, 2003 7:28 AM