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considering getting a cel phone(8 posts)

considering getting a cel phoneFender
Apr 30, 2003 8:48 AM
I must the last guy without a cel phone and I'm considering getting one. Any recommendations on which company to go with as well as which phone to buy. Don't care if the phone has games/takes pictures/signs and dances. As long as it has good reception and battery does not go out on me every hour.

I live in San Francisco. Thx!
Nextel with 2 way option...asphalt assault
Apr 30, 2003 9:02 AM
...If a lot of your friends have these things it's the way to go.

Practicially all of my riding buds have them and I can always track someone down to line up a ride, I can't remember the last time I rode solo.
re: considering getting a cel phoneNo_sprint
Apr 30, 2003 9:09 AM
Nokia phones are most popular. I've always liked my Motorolas and now have a v60i. I've got AT&T and am happy. One thing you must consider is the type of service you'll get. You can get a TDMA network or GSM. Phones are not interchangeable. TDMA will be gone one day, probably sooner than later. GSM is capable of data transfer where TDMA is not. I've heard complaints from some about Cingular.
I like t-mobileColnagoFE
Apr 30, 2003 9:41 AM
I don't use my phone all that often, but being a bus commuter, it's nice for emergencies and too hook up with friends for a ride after work. I have a 60 minute plan (enough for me) and it only costs $19 a month. Nothing fancy and coverage is limited to mostly metro areas (not much roaming) so if you needed it for travel it might not be a good plan for you. Nice to take on bike rides too in case you have a bad breakdown or are delayed and need to call the wife.
Sprint PCS has worked exceedingly well for me. I haveRhodyRider
Apr 30, 2003 10:09 AM
a Sanyo/Qualcomm phone with full color LCD screen and net access (Sprint calls it "Vision") which is very nice. Worth a look and a comparison to the other providers, for sure.
If you have Sprint PCS and use them for home long distance,Captain Morgan
Apr 30, 2003 10:44 AM
they will give you 50 free minutes on your home phone each month. It works out for me, since I rarely even use 50 minutes of LD on my home phone anyway. FYI
Just to round things out, Verizon rocks. . .js5280
Apr 30, 2003 6:21 PM
Had ATT but they sucked. I couldn't get reception at home in suburbia Denver and way too many other places. My bill always had an extra $3-7 dollars of erroneous charge each month. Just enough that it was a hassle to fight them.

Verizon rocks. The reception is great, I and was all over God's green earth. I've been more places than their "Can you hear me now" guy and it's worked great and wasn't even roaming except in central Maine. The bills are on spot on everytime. Also it ranked the top in customer satisfaction (for the factors I've mentioned), can't remember the source though.

I've heard that the Sprint PCS can be quite spotty any time you leave a major metropolitan area from a number of friends and family.

The Phone I use is an LG, it used to be a no-name, but it's made quite a name for itself lately. Nice little flip phone with voice recognition, calendar, easy interface, and decent battery life. All the stuff you use, none of the crap. Phone companies usually suck, Verizon does not.
I second Verizon ... It must be a Denver thing!sacheson
May 1, 2003 5:12 AM
I read an article somewhere saying Verizon was, on average, 25% more expensive per minute than the other large provders, but their user satisfaction was over 90% - more than double the next competitor (45% with Sprint).

I'm sure the region you live in or use the service (if you travel a lot) has an effect on your decision, but out here Verizon is by far the best carrier. Aside from excellent reception, great service, and good product (the LG JS talks about is Lucky Goldstar, a Korean knock-off of Motorola. I have one and they're great), Verizon offers a 100% user satisfaction program in their contract. One benefit of this policy is up to the day your monthly service ends, you can call and check your minutes used. If you're over, you just bump your plan up to the next package for a day and don't pay the "over minute" charges. One drawback is losing your current package IF it's not currently offered, but they have such good deals that I've never had to downgrade my service when I've taken advantage of this program.

I also use the long distance, unlimited nights and weekends, and a bundle of verizon to verizon customer minutes to talk with friends and family around the nation with nearly no impact on my general minutes allotment.

Finally, if you have a significant other that is looking into a package as well, my wife and I do this Family Minutes program. We get something like 1000 any-time minutes, 1000 V-to-V minutes, unlimited to each other, unlimited nights and weekends, and free long distance that we share for $80 total / month (that's for both lines, not each). That allowed us to cancel our $70 / month AT&T digital phone service for some super-basic thing at $9.90 / month. I figure with long distance, we're money ahead at the end of the month.