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Recommend a good lightweight handgun please?(1 post)

Recommend a good lightweight handgun please?filtersweep
Apr 29, 2003 5:27 PM
Now that MN has joined the "conceal and carry" states (much to the shock of almost everyone EXCEPT the "compassionate Republicans" in the state house, senate, and gov mansion- I mean the dems and all religious groups and everyone I know that even lives NEAR a city were opposed to it- AND it was passed through parliamentary trickery... but alas, those preceeding remarks may appear perjorative.

Anyway, I am mentally sound enough and can pass the background check, so I'm thinking I need a little extra "protection" for dealing with cars that cut it a little close- I mean, isnt' a car that deliberately buzzes you akin to assault with a deadly weapon? Might it not be easier to identify the offenders if you can just tell the officer, look for the car with three bullet holes in the trunk lid? Might it not deter future hooliganism by the local suburban miscreants if they needed to dodge a few bullets after we need to swerve to avoid objects thrown from vehicles?

Why else would they have passed such legislation if it is not to protect us from similar perceived threats? Conceal and carry? I don't need to conceal anything if I'm worried about wild animals attacking me ;) It is all about concealing weapons from PEOPLE- ostensibly for personal protection (the type a helmet just can't offer).

The only time I feel "exposed to risk" is riding on the road... might as well ride "packin' "- my own satirical nature aside, what are your thoughts? I'm not suggesting that it is worth taking a life if a pickup truck swerves as close as possible without hitting me while honking his horn, but don't tell me I'm the only one with violent fantasies following such encounters. Now those fantasies can become reality....;)

This news on a day when a road rage fatality makes the front page locally...