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Anybody hear how cold it was at the Boston Redsox game ....(7 posts)

Anybody hear how cold it was at the Boston Redsox game ....ClydeTri
Apr 21, 2003 9:56 AM
Anybody hear how cold it was at the Boston Redsox game the other weekend? It was so cold that Ted Williams threw out the first pitch :~)
That's not funny, but I was there, and it was F'n cold (nm)TJeanloz
Apr 21, 2003 10:02 AM
Are the risers/bleachers on top of the Monster finishedRhodyRider
Apr 21, 2003 12:28 PM
yet? I know they were furiously working on them prior to Opening Day. I'm going a week from Sunday (May 4), I'm anxious to see the change.
They were done for Opening Day...TJeanloz
Apr 21, 2003 12:33 PM
The Monster seats are in place. They look like they've always been there -- it's even a little bit difficult to envision the wall without them now. It really looks good. There are some kinks with the "wave" that still need to be worked out though...
Reminds me of when the lights went up at Wrigley, theRhodyRider
Apr 21, 2003 12:46 PM
design was so perfect and seamless that it was an instant success. I feel lucky, to have lived near the two cities with the "best" old ballparks, Chicago & Boston. Gotta say, for my money, Wrigley is (and probably always will be) tops, though. Its in my blood, both of my parents were North Siders.
also COmisky...ClydeTri
Apr 21, 2003 1:12 PM
I got to see a few games at the Old Comisky ...enjoyed it very much....better than the new one to be honest..
Wrigley? Please.TJeanloz
Apr 21, 2003 1:42 PM
Wrigley field is a nice place to see a game, no doubt about it. But it doesn't have the quirks, or the history that Fenway has. The well-documented suffering of the Cubs is completely different from that of the Sox -- the Cubs are always hapless; the Red Sox are consistently ripping our hearts out, usually in dramatic fashion. Does anybody even remember the last time the Cubs were in the World Series? And the fan base isn't diluted with another local team (at least not since the Braves left town). The Red Sox, as you well know, are the most important thing in Boston from April until September (or whenever they find themselves statistically eliminated from the playoffs). Wrigley is a quaint ballpark -- but Fenway is the "best" of the ancient wonders.