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Santero malpractice?(4 posts)

Santero malpractice?sn69
Apr 14, 2003 4:20 PM

Dunno why, but this one caught my eye. It's nice to know that mankind is capable of equally wacky crap that doesn't involve war or political debate.

When my mom was a Dept. of Corrections Officer in Florida, she had to teach quarterly classes at the state academy. One of her subjects was Santeria/Brujeria. She used to send me all sorts of literature on the subject. Generally speaking, I tried to avoid reading it at was some creepy sh!t.

In any case, based on the article I think it pays to practice the craft well, at least in that town.
re: Santero malpractice?PaulCL
Apr 15, 2003 6:21 AM
Interesting. I guess tolerance isn't taught in that small town in Mexico. When the entire town commits murder, its' tough to prosecute.

While in college, an acquaintance of mine considered herself to be a witch. She and her brethren purportedly conducted ceremonies in her basement. She was a very weird and disturbed, yet very bright, individual. She gave me the creeps but at times, very nice and normal sounding. Though, the black clothes, black makeup, and sallow (sp?) palor put most people off. I wonder what she's doing now..
She's probably either a dominatrix or a corporate laywer. nmsn69
Apr 15, 2003 6:58 AM
LOL! Touche. (nm)RhodyRider
Apr 15, 2003 8:35 AM