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Riding music in my head.....(3 posts)

Riding music in my head.....4bykn
Apr 14, 2003 12:51 PM
So many times I get a really nasty song stuck in my head while riding (Muskrat Love, Captain & Tennile!). Yesterday on my 25 mile jaunt started out with:
"As I rode into Tombstone on my horse, his name was Mack"
A damn fine song to ride to. By the end of the ride I think I had all the lyrics down. I may also be showing my age with this song, but what the heck.

So, how many of you RBR's out there know the song?
LinkMe Dot Org
Apr 14, 2003 1:09 PM
Sounds vaguely familiar, but can't place
Vaguely familiar?4bykn
Apr 14, 2003 1:19 PM
Pretty fast response for vaguely familiar!

I had the whole song except the third verse.