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India Mulls 'Pre-Emptive' Pakistan Strike, Cites U.S. Iraq(6 posts)

India Mulls 'Pre-Emptive' Pakistan Strike, Cites U.S. Iraqcycleaddict
Apr 11, 2003 11:29 AM
source: yahoo news
Now things begin to get interesting!
Good luck with that,TJeanloz
Apr 11, 2003 11:36 AM
India might cite "pre-emption" as the name du jour, but these two countries have fought three wars with each other in the last 60 years. Another is hardly pre-emptive. This is just saber rattling on the part of the Indians; nuclear powers aren't likely to bash atoms over Kashmir anytime soon.
Makes me ponder a quote from a famous Muslim...jesse1
Apr 11, 2003 12:01 PM
..."Ooh baby-baby it's a wild world. It's hard to get by just upon a smile, girl".
Oh no! Now there is someone who really ...Live Steam
Apr 11, 2003 12:46 PM
ruined it for me. I used to love the Cat. He just went too far.
Sorry. Did you know...jesse1
Apr 11, 2003 12:57 PM
...he recently re-recorded Peace Train? For a multi-artist charity album.
If you play it backward...Spoke Wrench
Apr 12, 2003 6:42 AM
Do you get a rap about killing Salmoni Rushardi?