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Someone tried to off Snoop Dogg!(9 posts)

Someone tried to off Snoop Dogg!ColnagoFE
Apr 11, 2003 8:51 AM
Is Snoop gonna be the next Biggie Smalls or Tupac? Sounds like he upset someone enough to deserve a drive-by. I know it's not really that important, but I'm getting tired of discussing the war:
sure he wasn't in Baghdad? nmDougSloan
Apr 11, 2003 9:24 AM
Tried? Darn, they missed.Kristin
Apr 11, 2003 9:48 AM
Okay, that was in bad taste. I don't want snoopy to be killed. But it would be nice is someone killed rap music.
Kristin, KristinPaulCL
Apr 12, 2003 12:33 PM
You sound like a white, over 30, suburbanite who just doesn't understand the angst expressed through rap. Eminem is the pre-eminate artist of our time.

I almost gagged writing that one. OK..I'm a white, over 30, suburbanite who can't stand it either. They call that crap music??? The only musical part in the songs is when they "sample" (or steal, pilfer,etc...) the melodies from real music. Eminem is a foul mouthed, egotistical piece of garbage. I've forced myself to listen to his music to screen it for my daughters - total garbage and filth. I'm not a prude but that stuff is in such poor taste. OK, off my soapbox...I gotta go ride!
you guys just don't get itColnagoFE
Apr 14, 2003 6:28 AM
I'm not the hugest rap fan my late 30s so booming Dre's The Chronic while driving around Boulder would seem rather silly to most, but I have to admit there is good some rap and bad rap. Take a listen to The Chronic...circa 1992...some interesting musical and poetic stuff going on there underneath the misogyny and braggadocio. Other semi-interesting groups (for me) are artists like The Roots, Tribe Called Quest, WuTang Clan...anyway if you take a listen you might find something you like. Forget about that Eminem garbage though. Every generation has to find a style of music to piss of their parents. I'm just waiting to see what my 2 kids come up with. I'm guessing I'll be harder to piss off than my parents were.
You have a pointPaulCL
Apr 14, 2003 11:14 AM
My parents thought the bands of my youth looked "dirty" and the lyrics were indecipherable. Upon reflection, they were right.

I guess each generation pushes the limits. I'm 41 and singing about "making love" or something as nebulous as that was considered on the edge. I guess I don't identify with the "urban" experience. I don't want my innocent children (ages 10,8, & 4) exposed to the seedier side of life quite yet. The problem is: rap music is packaged and promoted to the 'tweener's aged 10-13. Music promoted to children (and I stress children) shouldn't be filled with explicit sexual lyrics, lyrics on murderering police, lyrics glorifying rape, etc... It's sickening.

My daugher got a "nelly" CD for her 10th birthday. We trusted the parent of the child who gave it to her, so we didn't pay too close attention until I listened to one of his 'songs' - "Pimp Juice". What the hell is pimp juice anyway?? Whatever. The CD was gone.

If you want to listen to it: fine. I even get a good laugh at some of the Beastie Boy stuff, Tone Loc, etc...but the crude stuff marketed to children these days is a crime. I don't believe in censorship, but parental warnings are important. Of course, this crap is played on the radio 24 hours per day....what's a good parent to do???
Remember when music censorship was at its height?Kristin
Apr 14, 2003 11:27 AM
A band wrote a song with "sex" in the title and the music label refused to produce it. Of course that was right around the time of Madonna's first televised proformance--the one in which she got initmate with a wedding vail. Strange decade. Motley Crew was what I put on when I wanted to irritate mom & dad. Today, the music I listen to is a lot worse. I enjoy staind, 3 Doors Down and disturbed. Arron Lewis likes to swear--and I still don't get how screaming is singing--but his lyrics are sincere and though provoking. Right next these albums are my worship music compilations. I wonder if having children would change how I feel about what I listen to.
I remember playing the Sex Pistols for my kidColnagoFE
Apr 16, 2003 10:41 AM
He was about 1 year old...he loved the beat...bopped around the floor to Pretty Vacant. Then when they get older you have to censor what you listen to some because they start picking up on the bad words. Seems that the F word is on everything these days and to think that the Sex Pistols saying F-this and F-that was considered the height of obscene only 20 odd years ago. Now you hear that word on the radio and TV--bleeped usually, but even my 7 year old knows that they aren't saying Fudge. Maybe when swearing and perverted sex get so bad the kids will start to go the way of Pat Boone and reject all of it for a neo-puritanism? Who knows...can you imagine telling your kids to turn down that darn easy listening music because it's getting on your nerves?
Apr 16, 2003 2:32 PM
That's a funny concept, but who knows...could happen! Kids learn early. I learned the F word when I was 5. A high school boy walked passed me out side of my house one day and stuck his middle finger in my face. Then he asked, "Do you know what that means?" Innocently, I said, "What?" He replied, "It means f___ you. Now go tell your mother you learned a new word." So I did. I got a tanned fanny before I could explain that the boy outside told me too.