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I was tought to never talk about(15 posts)

I was tought to never talk aboutLive Steam
Apr 11, 2003 7:17 AM
politics and religion when in the company of strangers and with those we wanted to keep a good working relationship. You are entitled to your opinions and beliefs, as I am mine. No need to ruin a good relationship over personal issues. Yet the Hollywood Elite continue to find the need to spew their personal views upon us. Too bad as I have always liked the work of these two, but their political views have really turned me off. The same goes for Mike Farrell and many others. They have uttered many hateful and hurtful things about a country that has been very good to them all. Even if these are their beliefs, they should respect the fact that many who have supported them and who have helped make them wealthy citizens of this country, would be hurt by their words, and should have thought twice about making their positions public. And for those that I have heard say that the Dixie Chics and others should not be held accountable through a boycott of their albums, for what they say publically, well in my book you are wrong. We all suffer the consequenses of our actions. It appears that Mr. Robbins does not like it when others support a position differing from his own. He should have realized that there would be people in a position to influence his future work, that may be among those that he offends with his views.

April 11, 2003 --
The Baseball Hall of Fame president has pulled the plug on a 15th-anniversary celebration of the movie "Bull Durham" because of anti-war criticism by co-stars Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon.

Dale Petroskey sent a letter to Robbins and Sarandon this week, telling them the festivities April 26-27 in Cooperstown had been called off.

Recent comments by the actors "ultimately could put our troops in even more danger," said Petroskey, a former White House assistant press secretary under President Ronald Reagan.

Robbins responded in a letter to Petroskey, saying: "You belong with the cowards and ideologues in a hall of infamy and shame."

Robbins plays an up-and-coming minor league pitcher in the 1988 film and Sarandon plays a fan who helps him focus his erratic talent. Kevin Costner also stars.

Instead of commemorating the movie, the Hall canceled the celebration in a letter sent Tuesday.

"In a free country such as ours, every American has the right to his or her own opinions, and to express them. Public figures, such as you, have platforms much larger than the average American's, which provides you an extraordinary opportunity to have your views heard - and an equally large obligation to act and speak responsibly," Petroskey wrote. "We believe your very public criticism of President Bush at this important - and sensitive - time in our nation's history helps undermine the U.S. position, which ultimately could put our troops in even more danger. As an institution, we stand behind our President and our troops in this conflict."

Robbins and Sarandon, his longtime partner whom he met in the filming of "Bull Durham," have been active in rallies to protest the war in Iraq.

In his letter, Robbins said he'd been looking forward to "a weekend away from politics and war." He said he did not realize baseball was "a Republican sport."

"I am sorry that you have chosen to use baseball and your position at the Hall of Fame to make a political statement," Robbins wrote. "I know there are many baseball fans that disagree with you, and even more that will react with disgust to realize baseball is being politicized.

"To suggest that my criticism of the president put the troops in danger is absurd . . . I wish you had, in your letter, saved me the rhetoric and talked honestly about your ties to the Bush and Reagan administrations."

Robbins signed his letter: "Long live democracy, free speech and the '69 Mets - all imp
free speechDougSloan
Apr 11, 2003 7:31 AM
Yes, we have an absolute right to free speech, even the most stupid, hateful, and damaging statements. That's doesn't mean there is no public accountability for what you say, though.

I know we've discussed this a number of times here, and I want to go on record supporting the rights of anyone to say anything the want, the rights of anyone else to express disagreement, and the rights of anyone to boycott those with whom they disagree. We all probably do this already without thinking about it too much, anyway.

free speech - Agree 100%Live Steam
Apr 11, 2003 7:39 AM
But as you stated, we must all face the consequences. My problem with these Hollywood hypocrites is that they believe they should not suffer any, and if they do they say it is some Right Wing conspiracy. Reference what Robbins said about Baseball being a Republican sport. I didn't think patriotism was reserved just for Republicans. The piety of the Hollywood Elite is just disgusting. I think that many are beginning to see it and will react to it. Look at the link attached for evidence of that.
I gotta go with Robbins on this onemohair_chair
Apr 11, 2003 7:38 AM
His letter makes very valid points. The guy at the Hall of Fame has chosen to link baseball (entertainment) and movies (entertainment) with politics, and I think that's wrong. Not everything in life has to be political. Not everything in life forces people to take sides.

Unless he thought Robbins was going to use a movie screening as a forum to air his views on the war, I just don't see what the big deal is. And it's not like Robbins was the honoree--the movie was.

Robbins political views have been well known for many years now. They should have surprised Petroskey or anyone else.
You have to understand that many of theseLive Steam
Apr 11, 2003 7:42 AM
actors are using these events to air their opinions about the war and the current administration. I believe that the Hall of Fame didn't want to be setup and used in this fashion. They elected to no have this event, based on the fear of this happening.
I think it should have been handled differently...TJeanloz
Apr 11, 2003 7:55 AM
I agree that it was unfortunate to cancel a "Bull Durham" shindig because of two of the actors' political views. On the other hand, I have no doubt that the two actors would have used the podium at the BBHOF to espouse their political views, ala Michael Moore at the Oscars, and I think the BBHOF in particular, is the wrong venue for this. If I were the head of the HOF, I would have invited Robbins and Sarandon, and required them to submit an escrow of, say, $10 million, which they would lose if their public remarks over the weekend reunion strayed from pre-approved statements. It wouldn't surprise me if the HOF proposed something like this and was shot down -- and the Hollywood spin just got the upper hand on who dissed who.
I think that the universe is unfolding as it should.Spoke Wrench
Apr 11, 2003 8:21 AM
It's easy to take any stand until you have to risk something of value.

Actors get more opportunities than most of us to express their opinions pubically. Along with those opportunities comes the risk of fewer future career opportunities. I think that's actually a good thing because a courageous statement has more power than one that is risk free.

The same thing is true of the BBHOF. They get to make the decision whether they would rather be criticized for allowing their event to be used as an anti-war platform or criticized for cancelling Bull Durham.

That's the American way and I love it!
didn' think Bull Durham was all that great, anyway. nmDougSloan
Apr 11, 2003 8:42 AM
Spoke wins award for most profound reply title.Spoiler
Apr 11, 2003 3:41 PM
I gotta go with Robbins on this one too!!!Alpedhuez55
Apr 11, 2003 9:27 AM
As much as it pains me to do so ;-) I have to go on Robbin's side as well. I would not have been suprised if Romins and Sarandon went into a political mode once they got there, but at least give him a chance to be there. I think they would have known this event was not an appropriate place for them to promote thier views and most likely would have refrained ant talked about the movie!!!

Petroskey politicised what was supposed to be a non-political event when he un-invited Robbins & Sarandon. In doing so he huirt himself and gave Robbins a bigger soap box and more attention.

Bull Durham was a great movie. Robins was a great in the movie (Except for his throwing arm ;-) One of Robbins' shirts from the movie even hangs in the hall of fame. If the hall of fame wants to honor the movie, this is the wrong way to do it. I hope Robbins & Petrosky put their differences aside and go ahead with the tribute the way it should be.

Mike Y.
I gotta go with Robbins on this one too!!!Live Steam
Apr 11, 2003 9:47 AM
"I would not have been surprised if Romins and Sarandon went into a political mode once they got there, but at least give him a chance to be there. I think they would have known this event was not an appropriate place for them to promote their views and most likely would have refrained ant talked about the movie!!!"

Huh? Which is it? As vocal as these two have been, I doubt they would have passed on this opportunity to bash Bush and the decision to go into this war.

Further, Robbins was more than likely the one to politicize this as I am sure his publicist provided copies of the correspondence to the media to make sure it received press. I doubt that the HOF would have made any other statement other than to say it was either cancelled or postponed. Who knows if the event had even been promoted yet. Robbins nose was obviously twisted and he wanted his pound of flesh. I commend the HOV for not allowing their institution and the goodwill this event was to promote, from being used for political fodder. Hollywood proves time and again that they cannot be trusted to act honorably. Reference Hanoi Jane - she still can't keep here mouth shut and she does it on foreign soil again. I say we don't let her back into the country.
LiveSteam, you seem to be so angry at things you can'tcycleaddict
Apr 11, 2003 10:24 AM
control. Just learn to relax, hold back on childish name-calling tendencies, and go for a bike ride now that the weather is getting nicer!!

Where did I call anyone names in this post orLive Steam
Apr 11, 2003 11:13 AM
any other for that matter? It is fairly obvious that Robbins was grinding his ax here. It is truly doubtful that the HOF provided both letters to the press. I think the anger is coming from the Left as the War is proving to be justified. The desperation of the Left will further intensify as the next election cycle nears. They are slipping further and further from the centrists beliefs held by most voters in America. Hollywood Elite as their spokesmen further exacerbate this situation as they have no concept of the reality of the average American lifestyle. I thought it was unfortunate that Roman Polansky won an Oscar and received the ovation he did as he is a child molester and professed communist, and a model American citizen such as Martin Scorsese, did not.
Please do not force me into defend Tim RobbinsAlpedhuez55
Apr 11, 2003 11:25 AM
I disagree strongly with his views on many political issues. THe onlything I am defending here is his right to make an A$$ of himself if he so chooses.

I just think if they are able to take the high road sometimes. I will give Susan Sarandon some credit for her peace sign at the Oscars. People were expecting her to go Michael Moore but she still made her statement with taste. WHo is to say they would not have done the same here? Maybe they would have worn whatever color ribbon the hollywood left is wearing at the moment. They have in the past been capable of speaking in public without making a left wing rant.

I will also say niether Robbins or Sarandon are even close to Hanoi Jane. Sean Penn is the closest to her in this war. Considering he said he lost a $10,000,000 movie deal over his visit to Iraq, I say he hurt his career.

If I were the Hall of Fame, I would have given Robbins & Sarandon the same chance. If they were to go crazy shut off their mikes and escort them from the podium. Doing what they did was a mistake. THe Hall of Fame politicized the event, not Robbins & Sarandon. If you want to honor the movie, let the stars show up. I think the Hall of Fame made a Bad Choice.

And Jim Rice belongs in the Hall of Fame!!!!

Mike Y.
I think Jime Rice belong ther too and ...Live Steam
Apr 11, 2003 12:18 PM
I'm a Yankee fan :O) but I applaud the director of the HOF for pre-empting what would be a fiasco if it ended up they way you portrayed it. Tim Robbins is a huge Rangers fan as I am and I like his theatrical body of work, but I wish he would keep his mouth shut. If not, the only way those of us can voice our displeasure with his and other actors/artists opinions, is to not pay for it. It is a position they put themselves in. No one asked them for their opinions. They put them out there for public scrutiny.