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The statue comes down...(14 posts)

The statue comes down...moneyman
Apr 9, 2003 7:05 AM
And the free Iraqis dance on Saddam Hussein.

It came down with the assistance of a US Marine tank recovery vehicle.

It is amazing to see liberation.

re: The statue comes down...hycobob
Apr 9, 2003 7:22 AM
almost there...

the liberated are coming out of the woodwork now to celebrate nmDougSloan
Apr 9, 2003 7:24 AM
yeah...liberation AND looting (nm)ColnagoFE
Apr 9, 2003 7:55 AM
But not businesses or private homes...nmhycobob
Apr 9, 2003 7:59 AM
not so sure about thatColnagoFE
Apr 9, 2003 12:42 PM
the news was reporting "widespread" looting. Most of the homes there are probably not worth looting anyway so I'm sure that Saddam's palaces are the most attractive targets for now.
I don't blame them.No_sprint
Apr 9, 2003 1:11 PM
Saddam and his cronies stole from the people for decades. Time to get some back. Granted, it likely does go beyond government buildings and government warehouses, though I have no proof of that whatsoever.
From newshycobob
Apr 9, 2003 1:20 PM
Fox reported the looters were taking the stuff from government bldgs, not businesses and homes...who knows. Just as with our children, when they first get their freedom they get stupid too. Now we have to sit back and hope they straighten up and fly right.
They've learned to celebrate like Americans (nm)TJeanloz
Apr 9, 2003 11:53 AM
It was worse in Chicago after the Bulls won a championship (nm)Alpedhuez55
Apr 9, 2003 7:07 PM
That isn't a good sign. If they party like the American'sKristin
Apr 10, 2003 8:36 AM
They will forget like the Americans. Once Micheal Jordan has gone home to his wife and children, and the Chicagoan's have slept it off their celebratory buzz and are once again shuffling towards their small cubes with sleepy eyes and Starbucks in hand, the past is all but forgotten.
If we're lucky, they'll more closely resemble Cubs fans. nmKristin
Apr 10, 2003 8:38 AM
I want to see paradesMcAndrus
Apr 9, 2003 8:31 AM
Forgive me for my next spate of patriotism but when the 3ID and Marines come home, I want to see parades in New York that stretch for miles and miles.

Yes, it's not over and there's much to be done but damnit - this is good stuff.
Interesting article...Downhill deux mille
Apr 10, 2003 7:54 AM,12965,933752,00.html