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Totally unrelated to anything ... it's about a job(3 posts)

Totally unrelated to anything ... it's about a jobsacheson
Apr 8, 2003 7:11 AM
If anyone in the Denver metro area works for or knows of a GIS oriented / ESRI application developer position, let me know. The axe has just fallen in my office and I was part of the severed head.

Sorry to hear it, I'll keep my eyes and ears open. . .js5280
Apr 8, 2003 8:11 AM
I'm in the Denver area as well and have been job hunting for a year now. Tough time to be a IT person. I'd recommend applying for unemployment benefits as it could be a long search. Make sure you apply a little before any serverance/vacation runs out or else you can miss out on some funds. You can find info and apply at .

As for job hunting, the only success I've had is through the Denver Post/RM New classifieds ( ). Monster and the other big job boards have been useless. However, I did get a email yesterday from my resume posting. I have a phone interview tomorrow with BearingPoint (formerly KPMG). I'd also try industry job boards. I think employers are moving to smaller, local, board to cut down the volumes of resumes they receive.

Seems like I've seen some GIS positions out there while hunting. However, while I do find postions regularly I'm interested in, it is rare to hear back. I think they are flooded with resumes nowdays so do what you can to stand out on your cover letter/email and keep it short.

On the up side, it's great timing for riding and enjoying life a little. I'm fortunate that my financial responsibilites are pretty low, and I don't have a family to support. I've had to cut way back on my lifestyle but riding and the other things I really enjoy don't cost much anyways. It's been a really fun year but cash flow and debt financing will eventually catch up to me. Still, it's not like I haven't been looking diligently and I'm also going back for a Masters at Regis, so I'm still moving ahead. Good luck to you and feel free to contact me at JS5280 AT HOTMAIL DOT COM.
Sometimes good things come from bad events.sacheson
Apr 8, 2003 11:36 AM
Thanks for the note and best of luck to you, also. I'll email later.