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Any one been to the Daytona 500?(2 posts)

Any one been to the Daytona 500?hycobob
Apr 3, 2003 9:35 PM
My stepdad has helped me out a lot over the years and since he's a big race fan I'ld like to surprize him with a trip to Daytona next February for the 500. All I can say for the ticket prices is DANG! quote Joe Dirt. The range is $175 to $765 per seat. Some areas are $175 for the first 15 rows, then $375 for the rest. I'm guessing this is for the better view??? For someone who has only seen it on TV, these prices seem outright crazy. Do any of you have any experience/advice here?
Covered it for years...but MAN, have prices gone up!cory
Apr 4, 2003 9:29 AM
I covered racing for a couple of magazines for years and got in with press credentials, but when I had to buy tickets, we used to get into the infield for less than $20. Oval track (as opposed to road) racing was always my least favorite type, and I rarely go anymore, but NASCAR's gone WAY uptown since television discovered it.
One advantage of oval tracks, though, is that at most places you can see nearly all the track from any seat. I don't remember details about section numbers and whatnot, but if you get midway up or higher, you'll be able to see almost all the action. I like the turns better than the straights, because on the straights the cars just flash by at 300 feet per second. Most of the passing and dicing takes place in the corners.