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Who is Martha Burke? ( posts)

Who is Martha Burke? (
Apr 2, 2003 5:58 AM
Martha Burk should not be in the news. Her cause is petty and her goal is nothing less than an increased sense of self-importance that comes with publicity.

Martha Burk is the hyper-feminist who has decided that her path to fame and perhaps fortune leads to Augusta National Golf Club. Burk wants Augusta National to accept a woman member. Augusta National is a private club. It pays taxes. It donates millions of dollars a year to charity. It's very limited and exclusive membership is all-male. A very happy hunting ground indeed for a bitter woman who has a record of seeking public prominence through protest and outrageous conduct.

So, how does a woman like Martha Burk manage to find a place on the public stage? She is supported by an eager media. Media types revel in bringing down the powerful. Members of Augusta National are seen as powerful, so there is no small number of editors, producers, reporters and media owners around the country that would like to slap these men around a little bit. I'm told that some newspaper editors are telling their sports reporters that they will not be permitted to cover the Masters tournament at Augusta this year if they do not agree to file at least one, if not more, Martha Burk story.

I thought, then, that you might enjoy some information about Martha Burk that surely won't be in those mandatory stories filed from Augusta during the Masters. Hold on, it's a dark and depressing ride.

Conservative organizations are not permitted to join Martha Burk's National Council of Women's Organizations. It would be more aptly named the National Council of Leftist Women's Organizations.
Several member organizations in Burk's NCWO restrict membership to women only. These are tax-exempt organizations. Burk sees nothing wrong with this.
In 1997 Martha Burk campaigned for the forced sterilization of all men in America. She proposed that this forced sterilization begin at puberty and that a panel of experts, presumably appointed by people who share her views, would then determine when this sterilization could be reversed and the man permitted to father a child.
Martha Burk is a fan of racial and gender quotas. She believes that men should be limited to one-half of the top jobs in business and government.
Burk is demanding that the wife of any professional golfer who plays in The Masters withhold sex from her husband.
In an effort to show how really out of touch she is with reality, Burk has suggested that The Masters be moved so some other golf course.
Later Burk admitted that "I don't know very much about this club."
Burk has stated that she wants to enlist motorcycle gangs to help her with her protests against Augusta National. Then she acts surprised when Augusta city officials try to put restrictions on when and where she can demonstrate with her motorcycle pals.
To get an idea of what Martha Burk thinks about conservatives, just look at her comments about the Independent Women's Forum, a group that George Will refers to as "indispensable" and The Chicago Tribune called a group of ". very, very smart women." Burk calls the IWF " .. a right-wing organization formed by the wives and handmaidens of conservative politicians" and a "pack of she-wolves."
Martha Burk, like so many other activists, has attempted to wrap herself in a cloak of patriotism by exploiting the presence of women serving in our military in Iraq in her campaign against Augusta National.
In February Burk made a taxpayer-funded trip to Estonia to participate in a conference on women's issues. While there on the taxpayer's dime she slammed President Bush. At one dinner session Burk toasted to "having a different U.S. President" when the next conference rolled around.
Burked has made derogatory remarks about the appearance and even the accent of Augusta National Chairman Hootie Johnson. One can only imagine what happens if someone commented Burk's
re: Who is Martha Burke? continued...ClydeTri
Apr 2, 2003 6:00 AM
Burked has made derogatory remarks about the appearance and even the accent of Augusta National Chairman Hootie Johnson. One can only imagine what happens if someone commented Burk's appearance. Hint: She's not attractive.
Burk tried to aim her protests to the PGA Tour. Tour commissioner Tim Finchem told Burk that The Masters was not a PGA event and that the PGA Tour had nothing to do with it. Burk then called Finchem "amoral." "Amoral" means without moral standards or principals. So – Tim Finchem explains to Martha Burk that cold, hard fact that the PGA Tour is not involved with Augusta National or The Masters golf tournament . and it means that he has no moral standards or principals.
It's is clear that Martha Burk is just another leftist-feminist activist out to make a name for herself. Polls show that the vast majority of American people, men and women, aren't the least bit concerned over the membership policies of Augusta National Golf Club. No law is being violated, and most people think that they should be left alone. Without media support --- without editors and producers ordering their writers and broadcasters to do "Martha Burk stories" during the Masters --- she would fade back into the obscurity she so richly deserves.

A side note: In an effort to avoid controversy Augusta National has cancelled all tournament sponsorships this year. In the past those sponsorships have led to multi-million dollar charitable contributions by Augusta National. This year the members have decided to dip into club coffers to make sure that these charities are still funded at the same rate as last year. Evil men, aren't they?
re: Who is Martha Burke? continued...Alpedhuez55
Apr 2, 2003 7:51 AM
THis is a battle with Idiots on both sides. Martha Burke & Hootie Johnson are both looking bad.

Does NCWO think the most important battle for womens rights is getting some token rich executive women a membership at Augusta National? Ho this welps the cause of women's rights is beyond me. It is just silly.

Last I heard Jessie Jackson and the KKK also wanted to have demonstrations there too. It is going to be like Disneyland for protest groups.

Mike Y.
I think you are drawing conclusions you want to see.kilimanjaro
Apr 2, 2003 1:20 PM
My main news source is in your views "leftist", NPR. I surf the CNN site and LA Times sites occassionally. I can count on one hand the number of times Augusta National's membership policy was mentioned by these outlets in the last year and a half. There was maybe one editorial in LA Times and one in NPR radio against the membership policy. Neither one was very generous to Ms. Burk, with NPR stating that Augusta will eventually have to change its policies to reflect the times, it just does not like to be dictated to. If I remember correctly the NPR article actually mentioned how Mr. Johnson mentored women and mimorities, just don't tell him he is kind hearted or something like that. This is hardly betraying him as a evil man.

Do you know where I heard about the controversy first, and continue to hear mouth foaming rants like yours? Sports talk radio, on a station owned by Clear Channel. Want to take a wild guess as to the owner's political views? (Hint, the family did not contribute to Gore's campaing in 2001.

It is probably been pointed out to you that one wacko should not be made to represent the entire movement. Should the fact that a few congressmen talked about non existent EPA "black helicopters" be made to represent the entire Republican party.

You do realize that just because a news organization quotes someone does not mean it support the quote. Please correct me if my following imagery of your reactions is incorrect.

Fox News: "Martha Burke called Hootie Johnson 'a dinasour, and we will make sure his kind are extinct.' Martha is a fat pinko commie looking to draw attention to herself."
Your reaction: "Right on. Telling it as it is. No spin zone rules."

NPR/CNN/everybody else: "Martha Burke called Hootie Johnson 'a dinasour, and we will make sure his kind are extinct.'" then some history of the Augusta

Your reaction: Left leaning Lennist, they are calling for Hootie's extinction.

As for your charge the that editors are requiring reporters to report on this "controversey", I don't even know where to start. But if you care to carry this conversation I can give you a couple of explanations/examples why you really need to substantiate such charges.

schools for girls onlyStarliner
Apr 2, 2003 10:41 AM
At least the boy's club at Augusta is not tax supported. Not the same can be said for all-girls schools who practice discriminatory admission policies, yet their funding is by fully tax-deductable donations. Badger your congressperson and get this loophole closed.