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Modestly humorous news from the Kitty Hawk....(3 posts)

Modestly humorous news from the Kitty Hawk....sn69
Mar 31, 2003 2:01 PM
I got this today in my daily list of news from my friends over there. While this might be dull to some, when you are on and off the carrier day in and day out, it's the little things that count for laughs....

>>All hail to the USCG. A suprising number of them over here providing port security. Funny ha ha, one of the USCG swimmers got chomped on the leg by one of the SEAL's "mammal assets" (Sea Lions, Dophins) before the SEALs could get to him. For some reason, this struck me as particularly funny...<<
Hey, heyMcAndrus
Mar 31, 2003 2:23 PM
As an ex-Coastie, I might not find that so amusing.

On second thought .... A Seal had to save a Coastie from a Dolphin .... Okay, I get it. :-)
Oh, it WAS meant as a jabsn69
Mar 31, 2003 2:53 PM
Specifically to one of our former squadronmates who is now a coastie, flying Battle Coi (HH-60Js) in Alaska.

Still, it is midly humorous.