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Shout out to Doug Sloan! RE: Platte City, MO(5 posts)

Shout out to Doug Sloan! RE: Platte City, MODale Brigham
Mar 28, 2003 9:03 AM

Do I recall you telling us that you practiced law in Platte County, MO, back before you fled for the West Coast? Tomorrow, I'll be riding to Platte City (from Liberty to there and back) for the first (200k) brevet of the KC brevet series. Anybody in particular you want me say "Hi" to?


P.S. Are you (like my wife), an MU grad? The big news here in Columbia is that Saddam's top biological WMD expert, Dr. Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash, is a Mizzou grad (1983, Ph.D., genetics and microbiology). Small world, ain't it? Wonder if that will make it into the MU alumni newsletter?
Mar 28, 2003 9:40 AM
I was born in Columbia, where my dad went to MU. He played football there, including the '60 Orange Bowl. I had grandparents and other family there until about 1990. I lived there off and on, including just a few weeks of MU before transferring back to Fresno State at the time, then finishing college at Southeast Missouri State, in my adopted home town of Cape Girardeau.

Never cycled in the KC area. I was too busy in law school at UMKC and then doing the big firm 3000 hours a year thing until returning to Cape Girardeau. I thought about it often, but I lived at 70th between Ward Parkway and State Line, not exactly a cycle friendly area, at least what I thought at the time. I mostly just ran back then.

I did start a microbiology class at Mizzou around 1982, so I might have been in the same room with the guy. The classes were really large, though.

If you meet up with some lawyers on the ride, there is a chance I might have known them. As I went to law school there from '84-87, and then practiced there, there is a slight possibility we might know someone in common.

I practiced mostly in Jackson County, but did have some cases in Platte and Clay counties, and some surrounding smaller counties, including the Kansas side. I miss the small town practices, where you meet with the judge in chambers and shoot the sh!t with the opposing lawyers, rather than have all the formalities of over crowded courtrooms. It was much more pleasant than Jackson County or here in California.

I suppose the biggest concern there is weather, right? Winds you might get on that 200k are probably much more problematic than the mountains we ride here. At least the climbs here are fairly predictable, even if hard. I imagine that if I were there now, I'd be riding up to the Weston area often. I liked it around there.

Sorry to ramble...

Hills + Wind = KC MO brevetsDale Brigham
Mar 28, 2003 10:26 AM

Thanks for your great MO life info! My wife is a Mid-MO lifer, having grown up in Columbia on a farm near Midway, just west of Columbia on I-70, schooled at Hickman High (Class of '71, I think), and garnered three degrees from MU. Heck, she even works for MU now (I used to).

The MU football team needs more guys like your dad. A bowl berth looks far away right now. Of course, when my Red Raiders travel here, the Tigers always seem to defy expectations and make me a loser, which pleases my bride to no end.

The KC brevet series routes have been, in the past, both hilly and windy, and I'm sure tomorrow's will be no exception. I like mountain passes and sustained climbs, having lived and raced in Colorado and New Mexico. I hate the roller-coaster profiles featured on many MO roads much more than dizzying mountains or wind-swept plains. Hard to get into a rhythm on the hills here.

Regarding the Iraqi WMD scientist, she (a gal, not a guy) was probably your micro lab T.A., since she was in grad school at that time you were taking the course. Once upon a time, I was a micro lab T.A. (at UC-Boulder, in '78-79). I can understand how that could drive someone to dedicate their life to exterminating others. During my stint, there were plenty of obnoxious pre-meds I wanted to infect with a lethal pathogen.

I'll ask around for lawyers in the bunch tomorrow. Maybe if I cause an "accident," one will reveal him or herself.

try wearing a neck braceDougSloan
Mar 28, 2003 1:11 PM
Wear a neck brace, and any PI lawyer will ask you about it, guaranteed (remember "My Cousin Vinny"?).

Have fun. Can you do some digital photos?

No digi-camera. Will write harrowing account, instead (nm)Dale Brigham
Mar 28, 2003 2:12 PM