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New CD!(4 posts)

New CD!ClydeTri
Mar 27, 2003 6:31 AM
Buy it at a store near you!
I think a bit extreme...nice photoshop work though.eschelon
Mar 27, 2003 8:53 AM
I listened to NPR yesterday and a reporter did a short editorial regarding how many people have boisterously advocated everyone to screw this girl up where it hurts to the most (the wallet/income) for making such an "unpatriotic" remark about the president and indirectly the war.

The reporter said that this sort of advocation by many is exactly the kind of stuff that the soldiers in Iraq are fighting against for the impoverished people of Iraq...these people aren't allowed to say anything negative about the regime...nor are they allowed to much of anything else. And what usually happens to the Iraqi people who say anything against their president?...they get punished by being sent to prison to be tortured or killed.

All that this girl did was voice her opinion...and there are "Saddams" out there advocating punishment for her for her benign actions. George Bush may be president...but he is not a king. None of us have to genuflect, bow our heads, make a sign of the cross, sacrifice animals on an alter, etc. He is just a regular joe voted to do the job of leading this nation.
shooting someone not the same as not buying CD'sDougSloan
Mar 27, 2003 9:16 AM
Saddam shooting someone for dissention is not the same as Americans choosing not to purchase music from a singer who takes a political position they don't like. She is free to say anything she wants, but everyone is also free not to purchase her product.

I dare say if a singer or actor took a strong conservative stand there would be throngs of people asking others not to support them, whether it be guns, fur, or whatever. Groups over my lifetime have repeatedly called for boycotts of companies and public persons when they disagreed with their actions or views. In fact, the right to boycotts are protected as well as speech. Attempts to silence boycotts are protected, ad nauseum.

What's good for the goose...

In any event, killing (or jailing) people to silence them is not even remotely related to commercial boycotts to voice opposition.

Boytcotting a product does not make you a "Saddam"Alpedhuez55
Mar 27, 2003 9:29 AM
Boycotting products is a form of free speech and protest. Does this mean my ex-girfriend who does not use any products tested on Animals a "Saddam"? What about the people who boycoitted Florida Orange Juice because they advertised on Rush Limbaugh? Or is it reserved for people who support conservative causes?

Sure she has the right to say whetever she wants to. She probably thought her comments would never make it back here but she is wrong. A large part of her fan base are people who voted for and support the President. She angered a lot of them judging from the radio stations that have stopped playing her records. We will have to see if it hurts the sales of their next record. The concert tour had already been sold out. I know someone who turned in his tickets to the show after her statements.

You have the right to free speech. If you make comments or protest like Sean Penn, Natalie Maines or Martin Sheen have, there may be consiquences for your words or actions. Nobody saying they should be thrown in jail or executed. THey are just telling them if you are going to make these comments, I am not going to watch your show, movie or buy your record.

These fans are expressing their form of protest with their wallets. The worst punishment that she could face is having to fly first class instead of on a private plane. Comparing her to someone who is killed or tortured by an evil regime or calling somebody who boycotts her music a "Saddam" is wrong. THey have and are using the same right Mrs. Maines used.

Mike Y.