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What is the deal with Spiderman?(3 posts)

What is the deal with Spiderman?mohair_chair
Mar 24, 2003 7:30 AM
At the end of the movie...(SPOILER ALERT)

...Peter Parker is at the funeral, and the hot babe he has been in love with since he was six finally wants him. Inexplicably, he says no thanks. His reasoning: his enemies will use her against him.

One question: WHAT ENEMIES??? Didn't he just kill the only enemy he had who knew who he was? What other enemies could use her against him? What other enemy even knows she exists? It's not like they are going to go out on the town with him dressed up as Spiderman! A better explanation: Spiderman has committment and intimacy issues.
Even worse - what about Darth Vader...jose_Tex_mex
Mar 24, 2003 10:18 AM
... I was watching the latest Star Wars movie and could not believe the whole Princess - Darth Vader courting thing. Let's see, Darth is a good guy and the Princess shuns him/keeps it professional. Then, Darth freaks out and goes homicidal on women and children sand people. End result - she falls in love?.!

I guess chicks really dig bad guys...
The deal with Spiderman?PaulCL
Mar 24, 2003 10:27 AM
Just before or after that scene, Peter talks to his roommate (who's Dad was the Green Goblin) and this guy vows to kill Spiderman. Knowing that this guy is very rich, very smart, and potentially deviouse, Peter is trying to protect the girl....

Personally, after seeing Kristen Dunst in that tight sweater in the rain, I would have gone for it. But that's just me....just a normal guy...not a superhero...thank goodness I don't have those responsibilities....

Superheroes need too!