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Michael Moore's open letter to Bush.(16 posts)

Michael Moore's open letter to Bush.czardonic
Mar 20, 2003 10:41 AM

"The majority of Americans -- the ones who never elected you -- are not fooled by your weapons of mass distraction. We know what the real issues are that affect our daily lives -- and none of them begin with I or end in Q. Here's what threatens us: two and a half million jobs lost since you took office, the stock market having become a cruel joke, no one knowing if their retirement funds are going to be there, gas now costs almost two dollars -- the list goes on and on. Bombing Iraq will not make any of this go away. Only you need to go away for things to improve."
Geez, I used to love that guy. nmpurplepaul
Mar 20, 2003 10:46 AM
Yeah. I though Bush was a nice guy at one time too. }: Þ nmczardonic
Mar 20, 2003 11:04 AM
liar. nmDougSloan
Mar 20, 2003 11:05 AM

Disclaimer: Since this is an internet forum posting, and statements here are frequently viewed other than how intended, this author disclaims any intent to be rude, offensive, or insensitive; this author frequently uses sarcasm and other forms of intended humor to make points, and those measures are also commonly misinterpreted. Therefore, please take no offense unless the intent to offend is expresly stated. Thank you.
Sir, how <i>DARE</i> you! nmczardonic
Mar 20, 2003 11:14 AM
Mar 20, 2003 11:30 AM
Yeah, I used to like Michael Moore until I saw him on "Politically Incorrect."

The world would be a better place if the courage of his convictions t matched his obesity and I.Q., then he could go into Baghdad, say maybe tonight. I am sure someone would be happy to loan him an orange camoflague jump suit and drop his fat ass (and I say that with all due respect)into Baghdad via parachute. Hey,he could make a sequel to his fakeumentary "Bowling for Columbine." He could film a realtime movie of the oncoming onslaught on Saddam et al. and call it "Bowling a Strike for Baghdad."

I would actually buy a ticket to see Moore in such a movie. It would be fascinating.
Mar 20, 2003 11:35 AM
Man, when he makes me have sympathy for Charlton Heston, he's gone way over the top.

It's too bad because he is very smart, very funny, and could have been such an asset to his cause. Instead, I feel he's seriously discrediting himself.
amen brother... nmNo_sprint
Mar 20, 2003 1:24 PM
}: Þ I've never seen that before. ROTFLMAO. nmpurplepaul
Mar 20, 2003 11:19 AM
Who cares what an uneducated, know nothingNo_sprint
Mar 20, 2003 12:00 PM
Hollywood movie director thinks?

Nobody I know.
Maybe you should step down from your Ivory Tower. . .czardonic
Mar 20, 2003 12:11 PM
. . .and ask people in places like Flint, Michigan what they think of him.
masterful, witty and the bald truth!Fredrico
Mar 20, 2003 12:17 PM
"After you "win" the war, you will enjoy a huge bump in the popularity polls as everyone loves a winner -- and who doesn't like to see a good ass-whoopin' every now and then (especially when it 's some third world ass!). So try your best to ride this victory all the way to next year's election. Of course, that's still a long ways away, so we'll all get to have a good hardy-har-har while we watch the economy sink even further down the toilet!"

As a Brit friend used to say, "My sentiments, exactly."

Lets pray for our servicemen and women, that they peform at their best, and that this conflict will mercifully be over quickly.

After the smoke clears, George Bush can turn over the government to Dick Cheney, and go over to Iraq to take charge of the re-building himself. Then we can call him Governor Bush again. The Iraqis can call him God.
Let's hope Bush can pull together Iraq the way he has the US!czardonic
Mar 20, 2003 12:25 PM
I suspect that between the Sunni, Shia and seperatist Kurds there will be a great need for such a masterful "uniter". Let's also hope he can give their economy the same kickstart that he's given ours. If there is one thing he has proven, its that he can take the lemons left by a former administration and make tasty, sippin'-on-the-front-porch-down-in-Crawford lemonade.

I really can't think of a better man for the job of building a progressive, peace-loving democracy.
You seem to forget........MR_GRUMPY
Mar 20, 2003 1:51 PM
That all Hollywood people consider themselves to be artists. Most artists don't think like normal people. Therefore, it shouldn't be surprising that the thoughts that come out of Hollywood people seem a little goofy. They don't see that screwing up the economy and Iraq are two different things. He could be wrong on one thing and right on another.
I only hope that we can get this thing done with out too many lives lost on either side.
You hit it right..Fredrico
Mar 20, 2003 3:07 PM
Artists see themselves as a kind of spiritual elite, purveyors of the truth of human existence, social critics, moral authorites, religious prophets. Their trade is sorcery, magic. They want you to believe their art, their illusions, as truth, at least while your experiencing it. Their politics has always been leftist, even radical. This mentality has spilled over into the television news media. Journalists can say anything they want, simply be leaving out information or images that don't agree with their beliefs. That's why there's such a widespread impatience, skepticism, mistrust of editorial bias in the news.

The artists are asking, "Is Bush doing the right thing--spiritually?" Obviously Bush thinks he is, as liberator of the Iraqi people, but his detractors can't accept that motive, suspicious of a darker, more sinister motive. Who's side you fall on is pretty much a matter of faith. If Bush succeeds, the Hollywood left will turn to another issue. If he fails, they'll say, "See, we told you so!"
Mar 20, 2003 3:24 PM
The Malibu/Manhattan connection has no clue what is in between the two places. They surround themselves with like kind, rich, uneducated, troubled, selfish, fake, arrogant, mud dumb and I think they convince themselves that everyone must think along their lines because in their circles, there are none who don't. Who'd want to be there? Not me. They don't realize the masses spread out in towns like Broken Arrow, OK and Great Falls, MT and Hayes, KS and Arthur, NE outnumber them 100 fold and luckily, most think drastically differently. The patriotism and support and proud Americanism I've seen in Tulsa and small town TX and Chillicothe, OH and KY is certainly refreshing when compared to the idiots America slamming in Malibu/Manhattan.