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Who do you trust? Saddam #1, Saddam #2, or Saddam#3?(4 posts)

Who do you trust? Saddam #1, Saddam #2, or Saddam#3?Me Dot Org
Mar 19, 2003 10:12 PM
Who do you trust?...that's a loaded question nowadays, but I was thinking of the title of an old TV quiz show. Three contestants would claim to be the same person. They would try to trick a panel into voting for one of the two imposters.

With the attempt at 'decapitation' tonight, I wonder how the U.S. will ultimately confirm the death of Saddam Hussein.

DNA? Dental Records? Perhaps a (ahem) distinguishing physical characteristic known by his mistriss who defected?
re: Who do you trust? Saddam #1, Saddam #2, or Saddam#3?Alpedhuez55
Mar 20, 2003 6:20 AM
Do you think the guy in the video was Saddam? He looks a little chubby in the face to me. The mustache looks a little light as well. It could just be the glasses though. It was mostlike pre recorded since it apparently made no mention of specific attacks.

I think there are enough relatives of Saddam in the US where they can use DNA to identify the corpse if it comes to that.

Mike Y.
re: Who do you trust? Saddam #1, Saddam #2, or Saddam#3?Me Dot Org
Mar 20, 2003 10:07 AM
I'm not sure...I would imagine that the CIA probably has some pretty sophisticated face recognition programs. (Distance from tip of nose to eyes, chin, ears, etc.) I think they may have a pretty good idea when it's a clone, but frankly, I'm just guessing...
Saddam #1, Saddam #2, or Saddam#3?KeeponTrekkin
Mar 20, 2003 10:26 AM
It didn't seem like the normal Saddam to me, more like one on downers. I thought it was because of the close call (nothing like a wake up bomb to start your day). Maybe it was a double...