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please help me understand something(16 posts)

please help me understand somethingDougSloan
Mar 18, 2003 8:21 PM
Yoda drags his sorry butt around with aid of a cane for 4 1/2 episodes, then turns into some levitating gymnastic wild ninja light sword fighting maniac. What gives?


(Just watched Clone Wars)
re: please help me understand somethingtwobits
Mar 18, 2003 8:34 PM
viagra, he uses...uhmm...
Youth factorMe Dot Org
Mar 19, 2003 5:37 AM
Remember, this is a prequel, so instead of being nearly 900 years old Yoda is barely 800, which is quite young for whatever the hell Yoda is.
Let me be the first to say:OldEdScott
Mar 19, 2003 5:52 AM
These new Star Wars movies are boring CRAP.
Hard as it is to say, I agree with youmoneyman
Mar 19, 2003 6:11 AM
All that political stuff is trivial. This is important. Star Wars just hasn't been the same, even with all the new special effects. I was blown away by the original while in high school, but the new stuff is pretty boring.

Of course, I like friction shifters and wool jerseys, too.

Hey. Wow. We agree on something else:OldEdScott
Mar 19, 2003 6:30 AM
I'm a wool-and-friction guy myself. Just scored a NOS set of SUntour Power Ratchets I'd like to tell you about ...
cool (sorry, bike related)DougSloan
Mar 19, 2003 7:22 AM
I finally have my 1980 Bianchi the way I want it. I took it out for 50 miles Sunday, all decked out with wool jersey, all white socks, black leather perforated shoes, straps, and all. Only concessions were to safety, helmet and mirror.

It was fun, but I gotta admit, there is something to be said for modern comforts and convenience. The toe straps, if tight enough, nearly cut off the circulation to my feet. Also, you must reach down and cinch up after leaving an intersection, short of track standing. Float doesn't exist. I pulled up to a gate and nearly fell over, because I forgot to loosen a strap first. It's amazing how fast you can reach down and do than when threatened with humiliation, though. The rear derailleur takes a bit of adjusting each time to get perfect. The Brooks saddle just can't match modern padded ones (I realize this is highly contentious, but it's my butt I'm talking about.). White Cello Tape looks cool, but padding is non-existent. A wheel full of 36 spokes grabs a lot of air, and coasting, despite the extra few pounds of the old steel frame, is significantly slower.

So, the old stuff is fun for a Sunday cruise, but I really wouldn't want to deal with it every day, or for very long rides.

Yes, I'm very tired of the political discussions. People have become far too emotionally charged and irrational on both sides, more bent on defending polarized positions than discussing truth or justice. I keep trying to avoid them, but then I read something that is sooooo stupid, I just can't resist. I'm probably not the only one. I'm going to try to avoid it, as I think it makes too many enemies here, when the whole purpose of being "here" is our common passion for cycling, which for the most part is or should be apolitical. Plus, while I'd hate to give in to some jerks with some sticks they think I apparently shoved up their butts, maybe being personally attacked for posting too much is worth some consideration. It's distasteful, if nothing else.

I really do enjoy the old stuff for bringing back fond memories of the more pure riding experiences when I didn't have a clue what I was doing, like setting off to ride 112 miles in the mountains and not eating anything along the way, climbing 10 percent long grades in my 42x22. It was a more innocent time, when nearly every ride was a passionate novel adventure. Of course, almost everything I did at age 20 was that.

(secret confession)OldEdScott
Mar 19, 2003 7:34 AM
I may be retro, but I wouldn't be caught DEAD in clips and straps. I hated 'em back in the day, and I still hate 'em. Most new stuff isn't better, just different (IMHO) but clipless is the ONLY sane way to ride a bike .... as you're on your way down to the local protest march to vilify George Bush and his rotten no-good imperialist war! <<<<<<<
it came with a price (SPOILER)mohair_chair
Mar 19, 2003 7:26 AM
That one adrenaline surge nearly killed the old beast. Rumours have circulated for years that he was on a massive dose of performance enhancing drugs. Some form of PCP is the consensus opinion.

He was never the same afterwards, and it seemed to affect his mind terribly. He would often show up to Jedi Council meetings seemingly drunk and definitely disoriented, and there were several hushed-up incidents where he exposed himself to Jedi Council staff members.

He only exhibited the same kind of strength on one other occassion, and that was a mysterious and unprovoked savage assault on E.T. in the bathroom of the Jedi Temple. E.T. declined to press charges. Finally, after a long-winded, totally incoherant speech to the Galactic Senate, Yoda was sent off to "rehab" on the planet Dagobah, where many years later, Luke came to find him.

All this comes out in the third episode.
LOL. you've thought about this far too much :-) nmDougSloan
Mar 19, 2003 7:41 AM
Thanks! Now I don't have to waste money on Episode III.bnlkid
Mar 19, 2003 7:47 AM
I don't think Lucas can possibly squeeze enough story into 2-2 1/2 hours to redeem himself from the first 2 movies. Now that I know what happens, I don't need to watch.
I thought III was the first? nmDougSloan
Mar 19, 2003 7:50 AM
The first was Episode IV A New Hope.bnlkid
Mar 19, 2003 8:06 AM
Episode III is supposed to show how Annakin becomes Darth Vader, desides find a black suit with helmet, obtain a deep booming voice, battle obi-wan, father Luke and Leia, install fear in Padme(so she is forced to hide said children), gain respect in the Republic, befriend the Emperor(Senator Palpatine), and rise to power. I don't think this can be done in 2 hours and still make a solid, easy flowing story. Especially since the first two(Episode I and II) were so lame.
got it; thanks; btw, how well do the books read? nmDougSloan
Mar 19, 2003 8:08 AM
I have only read a couple of them.bnlkid
Mar 19, 2003 8:14 AM
"Splinter in the Mind's Eye" by Alan Dean Foster was very entertaing(although I read it when I was 12, so it probably isn't a great work of literature). The only other books I read were the ones by Timothy Zahn based 5 years after the movie Retrun of the Jedi. I thought those books were very good.

I hope you were serious and not trying to poke fun at me for being some what of a Star Wars geek. :)
the magic of scrolling text...mohair_chair
Mar 19, 2003 8:55 AM
Star Wars movies don't match up end-to-end like The Lord of the Rings. They always start with scrolling text that says what has happened since the last episode. Here is advance copy of the new scrolling text:

Those of you who managed to stay awake
or didn't walk out during the last episode
know how it ended, but it's not important.
Lots of stuff has happened since.

Anakin Skywalker married his love Padame,
but after one rapturous week, the honeymoon
was over and she threw him out when he kept
leaving the seat up. Angry and humiliated,
Anakin decides he will dress only in black
from now on. Some of his old maladies start
to reappear, including his childhood bout
with asthma.

Meanwhile, Padame discovers to her surprise
that she is pregnant with twins. For you kids
out there in the audience, now is a good time
to ask your parents how that could happen. With
her droids in tow, she takes off for the planet
Alderran, which you probably know was blown to hell
in the next episode.

The Republic is falling apart, the Jedi have been
decimated, and the people are restless having been
fed a diet of nothing but reality TV. Seeing his
opportunity, Anakin visits Senator Palpatine in his

[SCENE 1: Interior, Palpatine's apartment]

[opens door]
Ah, Anakin. So good of you to visit. Come on in.

Senator, you and I should rule the galaxy.

Okay, but I get to be Emperor.

Fine with me.

[they shake hands]

We take over tomorrow, with our massive robot clone army.

Does that still exist?

I'm not sure. I missed the end of episode II. If it doesn't we'll make another one.

Yes, that will work.

Well, I gotta go see a man about a helmet. See ya.

Keep in touch.