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Handheld / PDA preferences? Experts?(3 posts)

Handheld / PDA preferences? Experts?lonefrontranger
Mar 18, 2003 9:47 AM
I am researching a new handheld PDA, and would like opinions from users and experts on their experiences. Most of my co-workers use wireless Blackberry units, but several prefer and use Palm PDAs of various ilks. IT at my office will support either platform. My SO has a Palm V which he uses a ton.

I don't qualify to get one through the company, which is fine - I'd rather own my own anyhow. I had (and loved) a Palm IIIxe, which died a lingering death about a year ago (out of warranty, too old to service cheaply). I've been struggling along without ever since, and think it's time to spring for a new unit.

I've always liked Palm's OS and customer support, and am leaning towards the i705, because if the wireless features are worth it, it seems like this would be the best of both worlds - my preferred Palm platform that is comparable to my co-workers' Blackberry units.

Bottom line, I want the Chapura or similar conduit to synch my Outlook calendar appointments and stuff from work to home, and wireless would be useful, assuming the wireless subscription doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Color doesn't interest me that much. The Tungsten models seem a bit pricey for my needs, though if they are truly worth it I would get one. I highly doubt my current phone (Motorola Startac flip) is Bluetooth compatible anyhow.

Thanks - LFR
I used to use Palm...until...RoadnMtn
Mar 18, 2003 10:44 AM
I use a Compaq Ipaq. I used to use Palm...but after having an ipaq, I would never go back. 10 times more applications (MS Word, Excel, I can even use Power Point on mine, as well as MS Access database shots), Windows CE based, digital voice recording is standard, as is the ability to playback digital music...if you are so inclined, direct connect with Outlook on your laptop/desktop, bluetooth compatible is not an issue...some come with it pre-installed, can use a wireless e-net card either on your work network (if they have wireless capability) or on a home lan...or you can go wireless through a 3rd party provider. They will also trade IR with Palm or a laptop.

It's just my opinion, but I wouldn't own anything else.
re: Handheld / PDA preferences? Experts?purplepaul
Mar 18, 2003 7:48 PM
I guess it really depends on what you want to do. I have the i705. Unlimited wireless is $35/month and I've found that it works pretty much where there is cell phone access (different technologies and access points). Syncing appointments is no problem. Sending and receiving email works great, even using AOL Instant Messenger is doable with a thumb keyboard.

I've searched the net for phone numbers and addresses while in the car but it really is pretty slow. After getting used to a cable modem, it's very difficult to wait for something slower than dial up.