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Who/what is the "Lord" of the Rings?(2 posts)

Who/what is the "Lord" of the Rings?PdxMark
Mar 15, 2003 4:09 PM
I read the books as a teen, and again when the movies came out. I've seen the 2 movies so far, and it just dawned on me.... I don't know who/what is the "Lord" of the Rings???

Is it Sauron, the Dark Lord and one Master of the One Ring that can control all others? This kinda makes sense, but then the whole trilogy is named after the "bad guy" who's barely actually in the books? That seems odd. Kina like naming the most recent Star Wars movies after the Emporer to be.

Is it the One Ring itself? Well, it's a ring, not a Lord, so that doesn't make sense.

Is it whoever has possession the One Ring - like Bilbo or Frodo - or Gollum before them? Well, maybe technically, this is right, but without the skill/power to control any of the rings of power, this seems pretty weak.

So, I'm thinking it's Sauron. Anyone else have any thoughts?
Surprise ending to the Third MovieMe Dot Org
Mar 15, 2003 5:59 PM